5-Star Iftar Experience in Kota Bharu

When other hotels opted for set-ups that emphasize on exclusivity and standard, this 5-star establishment decided to go against the current and present their Ramadhan buffet in something humble yet familiar to our local community: Pasar Malam (Night Market). If you think you’ve seen it all at your neighbourhood ‘pasar malam’, well Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu will entice you into discovering and exploring a myriad of buffet spreads highlighting a mixture of local dishes from across Malaysia.


This ‘Santapan Ibunda Perdana’ presents delicious kampung flavours throughout Ramadhan will remind you of the good old days growing up eating your mother’s home-cooked meals or what we Malay often say as ‘air tangan ibu’. At Cerana Coffee House, Executive Sous Chef Ibrahim Abu Lasi has brought this magical childhood memories to life with his team of culinary experts.


Grilled lamb

      (All photos by Hotel Perdana Kote Bharu)

Start off your ‘iftar’ with some date fruits and warm water to allow your digestive system to adjust to food after more than 8 hours of fasting. Then, slowly find your way to the buffet spread. Feast your eyes on the food galore at Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu! Take a small serving of kerabu (raw Malay salad) of different variants; kerabu daging (beef salad), kerabu telur (egg salad), Kerabu sosej (sausage salad), kerabu taugeh (bean sprouts salad) and kerabu jantung pisang (banana bud salad). After fasting for quite some days, you need to make sure that the loss nutrients are replaced with a healthy and balanced diet. Kerabu dishes are some of the healthier options.


Malay traditional food


Other than drinking enough water, you can also opt for soups to replace the loss moisture in your body. Take your pick; sup tulang rawan (cartilage soup), sup perut (tripe soup), sup kambing (lamb soup) or sup puyuh (quail soup). These piping hot soup selection is appetizing, each boasting its own aromatic appeal and unique taste.


If you really miss the authentic kampung ambience, why not take a step outside the Cerana Coffee House? It may not compensate your ‘kenduri’ by the river side in your home town, but perhaps the ‘kawah’ (big wok) setting by the pool side can compensate. There are about five gulai kawah specials on a nightly basis which includes Gulai Kerutuk Che Banding, Kari Kepala Ikan (fish head curry), Gulai Kawah Ayam Kampung Sumatera and Kari Kambing Gearbox (lamb bone marrow curry). The kerutuk dish is originally a menu served for royalty many years ago.


Gulai kawah


Ramadhan is also the time to enjoy Western favourites such as whole roasted lamb cooked to perfection over a hot grill. Well-marinated with herbs and spices, this must-have will leave you longing for the juicy meat as the chef carefully slices and places it on your plate. Just take a little meat on the side of your plate, as you will want to fill up the rest with local fare such as kway teow kerang (kway teow with cockles), chicken kebab, apam balik pisang (banana turnover pancake), ikan bakar (grilled fish) and many more.


To end such a gastronomic experience, let’s check out the sweet tooth paradise. You can enjoy a mixture of local and international choices such as pengat pisang (banana in coconut gravy), tapai ubi (fermented tapioca dessert), cendol pudding, chocolate fountain, apple crumble, tiramisu and many other desserts. Don’t worry so much about your sugar intake, most of these desserts are served in small portions, so you can enjoy each and everything there is, guilt-free! All these are available until the last day of Ramadhan.


Roti jala


If you’d want to organize an iftar in a big group, Dewan Bunga Emas can accommodate up to 100 people at any given time. Ramadhan Buffet at Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu is at RM75 nett per person and half price for children aged 5 to 12.



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