We dive into the world of luxury furnishing with Da Vinci’s Brand Manager, Jordan Chen, as he walks us through the enigmatic splendor of fitting out a lavish dwelling.

Tell us about Da Vinci, and how the brand made its way into Malaysia?


Jordan: Da Vinci fits the bill of being a purveyor of luxury and designer furniture but we’re really selling is lifestyles. Our showroom isn’t so much of a showroom but more of multiple abodes within the façade of a showroom. There are about 50 –70 brands in our lineup and Da Vinci began in Singapore in which Malaysia was one of its main markets.


The Da Vinci brand is associated with luxury furnishings. How would you describe the Da Vinci brand?


Jordan: Da Vinci is relatively niche; it’s for people who appreciate the quality and features of some of the best makers in this industry. The styles featured have the aesthetics that befits the tastes of traditionalist, transitionalist and minimalist enthusiasts.



What brands/ furnishings do you offer at Da Vinci?


Jordan: We have pieces for almost every room you can find in a house, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. It’s not just the main pieces but there are plenty of accessories, fixtures and ornaments that could compliment any room. Da Vinci has a lot of American furniture in its lineup. It tends to exude a more calm impression and is much easier on the eyes. We also sell plenty of long dining tables, which have quite a strong appeal to the Malay population.


What is the most popular brand in Da Vinci?

Jordan: Our most popular brand has to be Thomasville. They have been in the business for well over a century, 110 years to be exact. A distinctive feature of this brand is that it has many sets with designs that span across the globe. You can find that the design of each set will have a semblance to one of the countries in any one of the continents it’s on.


You carry some big fashion brands home range such as Armani Casa, CerrutiBaleri, Fendi Casa, KenzoMaison and Versace Home. Are these brands of furnishing more stylish and fashionable than others?


Jordan: In this light, it’s more of a revolution. Not so much so that it’s flipping the market in another direction but with regards to the materials used and its outcome, it’s phenomenal. I would say these brands are awkward yet appealing. There is a lot of visual appreciation to it. One thing I’d like to add is how there is a lot of misrepresentation about this. Most associate such luxury pieces with exotic designs and gaudy looks but a closer inspection will reveal that it is often times very clean cut, simple and fresh.


Roberto Cavalli


What type of individuals would appeal to your furnishing style?


Jordan: Our clientele consists of individuals who desire noteworthy designs and value superiority in craftsmanship. Da Vinci in the past had a much more exclusive market; mainly catering to the wealthy and elite members of society. However, Da Vinci has since adopted the idea of making it a viable market for middle-class patrons. Thus, it really isn’t that hard to find a piece of lavish furniture without breaking the bank.



Ethic, electric and minimalist design elements, complemented by strong colors, precious fabrics and organic shapes are some of the things that make up KenzoMaison. All this constructed with refined Japanese techniques.



Beginning as a textile for home, Versace Home manifested in 1992 by Gianni Versace himself. Inspired by the neoclassic, baroque and ultra-modern, the pieces featured here are accompanied with vibrant colors with an intrepid approach to design.





Functional, elegance, sophistication, and modular are some of the worlds associated with CerrutiBaleri. The fusion of two areas of expertise created a contemporary appeal built on innovation by a pool of strong talent to convey the meaning of joie de vivre.



90% of its works are handcrafted by Italian artisans using traditional techniques. The prestige of the unique Fendi flavor helps them realize what they call art de vivre. Fendi Casa’s moto is that ‘tradition is never nostalgic. Innovation is paramount’.



Armani Casa serves to create a stirring ambience and reflective moods, with intimate and sophisticated settings. With the same philosophy held intact, comfort and confidence in the abode is found.

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