How To Organize a Picnic Party

Blessed with sunny weather all year round, we should take advantage of the outdoors. Setting up an outdoor picnic with family and friends is a fun outing during the weekends. Here are some tips and tricks to organizing the perfect picnic party. Essentially, the ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a great location, inviting a good group of people, bringing something to sit on, and packing some delicious food and drinks.



Pick a location that suits you and your guests. Make sure to pick a place that is transportable friendly. You don’t want the distance from the car park to the picnic to be too far away, as you’ll be transporting items back and forth. You can hold a picnic practically anywhere! Isn’t that why they are so much fun? It could be in your front yard, at a local park, a beach (lakeside or seaside), in the mountains or at a campground, in the middle of a metropolis, or the countryside. Thinking through the who, what, when, where, why and how will keep you from missing any details.


Make sure to consider the time of day when planning a picnic. It can affect where you go and what you pack. Morning picnics can be fun, where you can enjoy breakfast foods during the cool morning. For an afternoon picnic you can enjoy the warmth outside, and munch on teatime treats. Dinner picnics can also be a lot of fun, where you can bring a little grill along to build a fire to grill hotdogs and burgers. Count the stars while you’re there.


Guest list

You must keep in mind who are your guests. For instance, if you’ve invited Grandma, you’ll want to pack a folding lawn chair in your boot so she doesn’t have to sit on the grass. If there are going to be children, you should pack some kid-friendly food, activities and games. So the kids will be occupied while the grown-ups are engrossed in conversation. Choosing a location near a playground would also be a good idea.

Delicious Food & Drinks

So will it be a simple or fancy fare? Western or Asian menu? The most important is that the food is picnic friendly, soups and food items which contain mayonnaise is a no, as it needs to be kept refrigerated.

For a Western take on the menu the best items to pack are cheese, cold cuts and salad so guests can make their own sandwiches. Get a selection of breads, various sandwich fillings and spreads to create a build your own sandwich station. You can even pack a chicken pie, lasagna, hotdogs, mac n cheese, fish fingers, salads, roasted vegetables, nachos, guacamole dips, salsa dips, and pizza are some good ideas.

For an Asian twist pre-packed nasi lemak would be a great idea. You can bring along condiments such as friend chicken wings and fried water spinach to eat with the nasi lemak. Curry puffs, spring rolls, Malay kuih, rojak, gado gado salad, dim sum, and noodles would all be a great addition to the menu.

A dessert picnic is another fun idea. Dessert could be tarts or macaroons from a local bakery, homemade cookies, fruit, served with iced tea on a hot sunny day. 

Item Checklist

Picnic mat (beach towels, old table cloths, blankets)

A picnic basket to put food items.

A cooler for drinks and ice.

Plastic cups and cutlery.

Paper plates, bowls, serving platter.

Plastic bags, resealable bags, aluminium foil, plastic wrap.

Napkins, tissues, hand sanitizers, baby wipes.

Cutting board and knife.



Magazines, books, frisbee, kites.

Good music.

Do you have something in mind?