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Da Vinci Luxury


For the past 20 years, Da Vinci Prestige has been the go to place for European and American branded home furnishing. Hold on tight, they’ve also made their way across the globe to our continent! Da Vinci proudly showcases luxury, modern, classic and American furniture in Asia. It is a brand for those exclusively associated and chosen by those who appreciate the finest things in life.


A new leaf will was turned with the move from Wisma Da Vinci at, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to Jalan Sultan Ismail. With the great move in September 2014, Da Vinci continued to offer more than just furnishings, other exclusive services on offer include architecture advice, interior design services and professional product consultants to enhance a client’s ideal lifestyle home.


We interview Micheal Lee, Marketing & Project Associates Director of Da Vinci about their latest campaign.


Da Vinci Luxury

Tell us more about your new campaign “Your Art, Your Gallery, Your Lifestyle?”

The new campaign “Your Art, Your Gallery, Your Lifestyle,” is a different style for us because we do not produce our own brand, we are the sole distributor for international furnishing brands and every year we change our brands. With this campaign we want to differentiate ourselves from other furniture shop by offering our own interior designers, architects, and furnishing experts tailored to our clientele.  We will also be working with developers to furnish their new and upcoming properties in KL.


Will you be collaborating with local interior designers?

Yes, we are looking to collaborate with a variety of local designers. Not just one but a few, so that we have interior designers to suit every furnishing taste.


Will you be offering architectural and interior design services?

We have an in-house architect and interior designer to help our clients. However our architect, it is not highly utilised by our clients because most Malaysians will purchase a ready constructed home, and will only seek interior design services. These services are offered to our customers for free.

Da Vinci Luxury

How important is it to have an architect and interior designer when building a new home?

An architect and interior designer will bring in their experience when designing a new home; they will also ensure that you will achieve your dream home.


How would you describe a Da Vinci inspired home?

A dream Da Vinci Home is a home that you can call your own heaven. A home where you can be proud of, you can enjoy your own type of lifestyle making you feel relax and comfortable at all times away from the stress of work and a busy lifestyle. When you are at home you should feel relaxed.




No 1017, Jalan Sultan Ismail

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +6 03-2026 2633  


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