Blessed with sunny skies all year round every family needs to find an outdoor space where they can spend time with family and friends. Here are 5 ideas to glam up your garden space.




Create an outdoor living area where you can sit around with family and friends. Head down to a furniture store that specializes in garden fixtures, and create a space that is comfortable. Plan to have afternoon snacks in the garden once a week, and treat the kids to some cake and lemonade while you read a book. This will encourage your kids to stay active and spend some time outdoors. Encourage them to a game of badminton or volleyball.




Invest in a BBQ grill, and make Sunday BBQ’s a family ritual. Keep it simple with a hotdog party; this will require minimal kitchen preparation. Let the kids be in charge of the sauce and condiments section. This will ensure that the whole family has a role. Situated away from your usual dining space, you can quiz your kids on their math timetables while they wait for the hotdogs to be ready.


Herb garden

Our grandparents in the kampong always kept a small herb garden in the back yard, the city folks should follow in line. Grow according to the herbs that you use daily. It’s always more satisfying to use naturally home grown produce and the aroma is rich having just been harvest before cooking. Here is a list of easy herbs to grow in the garden.

- Lemongrass
- Ginger
- Chillies
- Pandan
- Spring onions
- Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii plant)





Bird house

Give the birds a home. Buy a bird house from your local garden shop and hang it on a tree in the garden. Wait a few weeks, and you’ll have your own set of birds as pets. Buy some bird seeds from the pet store, and scatter the seeds each morning. In a few weeks the birds might be trusting enough for you to feed them from the palm of your hand.




Stepping stone

Create a footpath in your garden space. You can choose from a variety of materials, wooden logs, garden tiles, pebbles and stones. Mark your footpath using a garden hose if you’re making a winding path this makes a nice flexible line another option is to use spray paint directly on the ground. Determine how much material you will need. One way, if you use found materials like rocks, simply keep collecting it and laying it out on the proposed path until you have enough. Get creative and use the materials around your garden.


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