Ultimate Raspberry Chocolate Sensation, Recipe by Chef Alias b. Ahmad of Saffron Brasserie

Having friends over for a dinner party? This is the ultimate dessert to make to impress your guests. Forget the boring pavlovas, macaroons and classic cheese cake. The Ultimate Raspberry Chocolate Sensation, a dark and creamy, mouth-watering dessert makes you feel like you’ve committed a sin just by looking at it.

Disclaimer: Your friends might hate you for serving this to them as no other desserts will satisfy their sweet-tooth cravings like this one.

Ultimate Raspberry Chocolate Sensation

Duration: 40 minutes

Difficulty Level: Medium

Serving: 2-3




Chocolate Mousse

72 grams Dark chocolate

29 grams Butter

15 grams Sugar

1 nos Egg white

1 nos Egg yolk

29 grams Cream

5 grams Gelatin

100 grams Fresh cream


1. Melt dark chocolate with butter.

2. Beat egg white to meringue.

3. Beat egg yolk with sugar.

4. Mix gelatin with cream and using double boiling method.

5. Beat cream.

6. Mix all ingredients and add gelatin mixture last.

7. Add mixture into a mold.

8. Cool inside chiller.


Crunchy base

50 grams Crunchy flake

10 grams Sweet California raisin (chopped)

13 grams Cocoa butter (melted)

17 grams Dark chocolate (melted)


1. Melt cocoa butter and dark chocolate separately.

2. Mix chopped raising and crunchy flake in a bowl with cocoa butter and dark chocolate.

3. Chill to set.

4. Assemble chocolate mousse on top of the crunchy base to serve.




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