Your Kitchen Must-Haves For Raya

What comes to mind when Raya is around? Food, desserts, teh tarik, and many more! This means the kitchen will be filled with many scrumptious and appetizing cuisines! A new kitchen decoration is essential; it will lighten up your surrounding mood when family members and friends pay a visit. Deck up your kitchen with the latest home appliances this Raya!  Kenwood and Phillips have a range of arm candy appliances to suit your needs, whether it be baking, grilling, frying to preparing drinks like brewing coffees!  Plenty of colorful gadgets that come with artistic and modernized shapes to liven up your kitchen during the special occasion! Here are some must haves for raya.


Must Have Thirst-Quencher Appliances

Kenwood kMix Coffee Maker

1. Kenwood kMix Coffee Maker

A pink kettle is definitely something new and elegant! And with raya along the way, the pink kettle is worth a spot to welcome the new fancy mood.

Soy Milk Maker

2. Philips Avance Collection Soy Milk Maker

At times, some take the delight of having a glass of soy milk during Raya. What better way to please the tummy with a healthy delicious drink!

kMix Kettle

3. Kenwood kMix Kettle

This isn’t just a kettle. It’s a piece of art you place in the kitchen. Chic styling and rich, the eye-catching colors highlight its bold statement and make it stand out.


Must Have Baking Appliances

Kenwood kMix Kitchen Machines

1. Kenwood kMix Kitchen Machines

What’s raya without raya biscuits? Now, with the kMix Kitchen Machines, you won’t have to worry. Suit your own taste as this kitchen mixer comes in 5 new vibrant colors; orange, blue, yellow, green and magenta. Designed to suit your way of life, this kitchen mixer combines style and performance, offering unparalleled mixing results.

2. Kenwood kMix Hand Blender

Why buy a normal blender when you have the kMix hand blender? With this new blender, you can blend your juices according to your preferred speed downwards or upwards to smoothen those berry juices with the triblade! In fact, the blender is so useful that it comes with a whisker, soup excel attachment (to liquefy those veggies in the soup), food processor attachment, stainless steel blades and slicing or grating plates.


Must Have Grillers

Philips Table Grill

1. Philips Table Grill

Grill those meat delicacies! Did you know that by grilling, you can retain full flavor? Meat-lovers will definitely chase this when raya comes! The grill plate is extra thick so it prepares hot food even when grilling frozen food. Excess grease? No problem! There’s a drip tray to remove that!

Philips Sandwich Grill

2. Philips Sandwich Grill

A westernized Raya? Perhaps, Philips Sandwich Grill will come to the rescue if you’re looking for some sandwiches! Grill those sandwiches and add in your preferred flavor ready to serve!


Must Have Fryer

Phillips Viva Air Fryer

1. Phillips Viva Air Fryer

This air fryer is the new revolution to making sure your foods are maintained healthy this raya. Save your budget on the oil because this new gadget uses no oil but instead circulates the surrounding air to fry you golden and crispy delights. Pour your food in the tray and set it at the right temperature and ta-daa your food is ready to be served!


Must Have Steamers


Kenwood Food Steamer

1. Kenwood Food Steamer


Health conscious fans will definitely adore Kenwood’s food steamer as they get to store plenty in the steamer’s stackable baskets. The steam distribution system ensures that that heat is evenly distributed so your food will be cook perfectly! Plus, if you need to add in more water, the external water inlet is very handy for continuous steaming. Different than the others, this steamer even has a rice, marinating, or steaming bowl on top.


Haste away! It’s already Ramadan so do check out what’s still in store and pamper your kitchen with new rejuvenating vibrant colors and gadgets!

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