IT Homes(791/2001)

Lot 2940, Ground Floor,
Taman Faradale, Jalan Bulan Sabit,
Miri, Sarawak 98000

About Us

Company Profile

IT Homes is set up principally to carry out the business of a providing to carry out the business of a providing Century Hi-Tech Products. These are home automation, wireless alarm system, burglar alarm system, cctv, surveillance & monitoring, auto gates, IT accessories and etc in Borneo Region. It is a place for you to experience smart living and enjoy a better living lifestyle. In addition, it also offers you the latest digital technologies. Imagine arriving at work and wondering if you remembered to turn the lights off in the kitchen or wanting to turn the air conditioning on to cool the house down before you get home.

IT Homes is more than just making your home a security system or automate your lightings. IT Homes also can provide you the BEST SOLUTION.

IT Homes is Providing
Just making your home smart

IT Homes is Providing
Control your main gate with remote control

IT Homes is Providing
Wireless and wired security alarm system for every home

IT Homes is Providing
Control your lights and appliances with a remote control or automate your house with you PC

Imagine These in Your Home.....

• When the intruder trips the alarm, the security system will automatically dial the preset phone numbers to inform you of the break in.

• When you are away, you can programmed your home to have a live-in look e.g. lightings can be switched on at predetermined time and sequence.

• You can control several AV devices and lights with one universal remote control.

• Before you leave the office, you switched on you bedroom air-conditioner using your cell phone.

• At your office, your access your home website using your notebook and through a web-camera you see that your bathroom lights are still on. You switched off the lights by sending a message to your home via the Internet.

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