Maha Asia Sdn Bhd(835165-W)

568-8-9, Kompleks Mutiara,
Bt 3 1/2, Jln Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 51200

About Us
Maha Asia delivers CCTV Surveillance System and Access
Control System. Established in year 2006, Maha Asia involves a team of dedicated professionals that offer professional services designed for businesses like Small and Medium Businesses, Offices, Retails, Warehouses, Education Institutions, and Residential Areas like Sports Complexes, Clubs, Bungalows, Terraces and Condos.

Maha Asia focuses on the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry and specialised Security Systems. These include Biometric Authentication and Verification System, Card Access Control System, CCTV monitoring system and Network Security system.

Our Products
At Maha Asia, we are committed to delivering top-notch CCTV Surveillance Systems and Access Control Systems catering for SMEs, Corporate, Goverments and Residences. With an established track record in the industry, we specialise in providing:

Door Access Control System
- RFID Card access system
- Mi-Ware Card access system
- Fingerprint authentication system
- Iris Scanning system
- Face recognition system

Time Authentication & Management System
- Time attendance system with fingerprint readers
- Time attendance system with card readers

Alarm System
- Dome Cameras
- Outdoor Cameras
- Infrared Cameras
- Tube Cameras
- Indoor Cameras
- Mini Cameras
- PIR Cameras
- Remote setup

To provide the element of relationship in business to enhance customer satisfaction which leads to loyalty and retention.


Years in business

Software Solutions
Standalone_controllers Watchnet Card Access
Soyal Access System
Network-controler Card Access System Watchnetaccess
Microengine Access System
Fingerprint Door Lock
Fingerprint Multimedia Colour Access Control & Time Attendance
Entrypass Mini 2 Card Access
Face Recognition Access Control 7 Time Attendance
Finger Print Access System Watchnetaccess
TP 1BE 1BS Audio interphone
Perimeter Fencing
Perimeter Fencing
Few Camera Models
Entrypass BioEntry Plus
Barrier Gate