Ambi Agency Advertising Sdn Bhd (721448-P)
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Batu Caves, Selangor

About Us

We are a dynamic entity comprised of 3 strong and inter-related divisions, namely an advertising arm, video production house and an event management division. Hence, we are able to serve our clients needs as a one-stop-solution centre. Our strength is our People and Experience. Established in 1999 the experience of our creative talent pool coupled with a strong industry know-how enable us to maximize clients’ needs. With the impetus of new products, services and ideas streaming into the market, we believe that the potential is just abound to benefit our clients and we hope to hear from YOU soon!

Products & Services

TV & RADIO MEDIA BUYING Our credentials • One of the largest media buyer in ASTRO • In Media Buying industry since 1999 – 12 years • We are able to obtain industry leading rates due to our long-standing relationship with TV & Radio stations • Caters to almost all TV & Radio stations in Malaysia namely ASTRO, RTM, MEDIA PRIMA (TV3, NTV7 etc.) VIDEO PRODUCTION Our credentials • Have produced over 100 quality TV Commercials in all language • Over 50 TV Program’s has be produced for ASTRO, RTM, TV3 and NTV7 of all genresn amely: - Musical program - Drama - Magazine program - Cooking program - Documentary program - Reality shows - Many others • More than 350 radio jingles conceptualized & brought to air in all languages CORPORATE EVENTS Our list of Events conducted • Product Road Shows • Sales Campaigns & Promotions • Corporate Entertainment • Mega Entertainment Shows • Carnivals • Product Launches • On-ground Migrant Event (Indonesian, Bangladesh, Nepalese, Indians ) • Flyer Distribution CORPORATE EVENTS Mobile Road Cruiser Inclusive of: • Portable Sound System • Tent • Generator set
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