4 Online Food Delivery Services You Need to Try

Read our introduction and guide to ordering culinary creations locally via food delivery services online.


Who would reject ease and convenience? Food delivery services and apps are making a real impact in the lives of city folks who are too busy to plan and cook their own meals. And of course, there’s the Malaysian makan culture where eating is a social exercise and a novel experience.


Never ordered a meal via a food delivery service website or app before? Now is a good time to give it a try!




food delivery malaysia

Foodpanda started its services about two years ago.



These food delivery companies work through online orders. Customers will log on to the website or mobile app to access the service.


Some food delivery services like Foodpanda (more info below) require customers to key in the street name before ordering so that the nearest partner restaurant options will appear.


Once customers pick their options, they can proceed to ‘checkout’ and pay, usually by credit card. Other methods such as debit cards or pay-gates are also available.


An SMS or email will follow suit to confirm the preparation order and estimated delivery time.


Simple, right? If you’re ready to order, you can try some of the food delivery services listed below:



Foodpanda Malaysia


This food delivery service started about two years ago, and it resonates with many. Customers can either download the app or order from the website or app by logging on to their website and registering for an account.


Once done, patrons can order from hundreds of restaurants and cafés which are grouped into cuisines to make it easier to choose. From Italian, local or healthy eating, and whether you order from your office or home, the site will direct you to the nearest outlet of your choice.



food delivery malaysia Some food delivery services like honestbee also sends grocery.




Instead of working with partner restaurants, this company concocts its own menus, have its own cooks, package the food and deliver it to its customers. Also, each special dish has limited portions available, so customers need to check the company’s website or app to find out what’s on the menu for the week. Its emphasis on details such as calorie counts and ingredients list makes it a great choice for those who are watching their diet. At an average of RM20 a pop, it may be pricey for some, but good things do come at a price, right?






This Singapore-based delivery service provides food delivery, parcel delivery and grocery services, giving its customers added value. Launched in 2015 in the island republic, it made its debut in Malaysia early this year. Its services give customers the convenience of ordering food and grocery while enabling bricks-and-mortar business partners to gain greater online exposure. Services are only available at selected areas in the Klang Valley and partner restaurants are limited, but customers can always have the option of ordering grocery and cooking at home.



food delivery malaysia

UberEATS is a new player in the food delivery scene.





Yes, it’s indeed a new service from the ride-hailing company Uber! The new food delivery player made its foray into its 27th country – Malaysia – promising customers greater opportunity to try out new services and products from up to 200 partner restaurants. The new service is also proof that the ecosystem for such services is constantly evolving through competition and leverages to provide the best services.


Contrary to its name, UberEATS delivery in the Klang Valley will be made with motorcycles instead of cars. Like honestbee, UberEATS is only available at selected locations in the Klang Valley for the time being.




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