4 Tips for Starting a Successful Homestay Business

Learn the basics of launching a homestay business of your own.


A homestay lodging in Sabah



Whether it’s a weekend staycation, a week-long escapade or even an extended sojourn somewhere, a holiday is an essential part of life. People need to take a break from their work schedules, and holidays serve as a form of mental and physical escape from routine programmes and tasks which can get mundane in the long term.


Homestays are becoming a popular option in Malaysia due to their relatively inexpensive nature. A homestay can also accommodate huge families and offer ample facilities that aren’t available at resorts, such as a kitchen for cooking meals and a large refrigerator to store perishables.



Homestay with Mt Kinabalu in the background



Moreover, a homestay accommodation provides an authentic rural experience. Customers can mingle with locals and live in unspoilt and peaceful surroundings. As a result, homestay businesses have mushroomed in line with the surging demand. 


While it isn’t easy to set up a homestay business, with proper planning nothing is impossible. Like Airbnb, homestays can bring good income once you have everything put in place.


If you are seriously considering setting up a homestay business, we’ve lined up some tips for you:



1. Find a suitable property



Beautiful kampung house in Malaysia 


Among the things you need to consider are the size of the property as well as the number of rooms and amenities it should have. Do get a house with ample rooms and lawn size because prospective clients tend to look for a place to rent with their extended family members and friends. 



2. Rules, licensing and accreditation


If you want this business to be successful and legitimate, you would want to comply with the laws and regulations governing the business. A simple online research can unearth plenty of information. You can contact Tourism Malaysia for this purpose as well, for they may be able to connect you with homestays under their stable and you can learn from these managers on their experiences.


And if you are renting the property, you must have a clear-cut agreement with the property’s owner to avoid misunderstandings. Apart from this, you should also have a draft of rules and regulations for tenants.



3. Location


This is also an important factor that will determine the success of your homestay business. A great location will ensure a steady stream of visitors and good income as well. Are there any places of interests for tourists to visit nearby? Are conveniences such as mosques and provision stores far away from the house? Is the location easy to find?



Great facilities are vital 

4. Have a promotion plan


You already have a house with all the amenities and furniture in place. Now it’s time to promote your homestay business. Word of mouth is the most effective and cost-efficient way. Tell your friends and families about the house and the conveniences it offers, and they can spread the news to others in their circle too. Social media is also a great channel. Although it requires planning and constant updates, it may well be worth it.




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