6 Food Trucks Worth Trying in Klang Valley

 New to food trucks? Take a look at these outstanding options and choose the one you fancy.


In cities and big towns, where the cost of living is higher, time is indeed money. Everything moves at a faster pace including eating a meal. Street vendors selling cheap food are the norm.

Thus, food trucks enjoy a surge in popularity in Malaysia. In the past, many such trucks could be found operating in and around urban centres, selling local favourites that can be whipped up in a jiffy, such as pasembor, cendol, laksa and char kway teow.

food trucks malaysia

Food trucks give city folks more food options.

In recent years, folks in the greater Klang Valley have witnessed the emergence of gourmet food trucks. Among the gastronomic delights on offer are pastas, pizzas, and other western-style dishes. These cater to the city dwellers’ demand for something different yet cheap and tasty.


If you want to have a go at the offerings from the newer food trucks, we’ve rounded up some of them here. Do call the numbers provided to pinpoint their exact locations and business hours as these meals on wheels can periodically change their locations.


La Famiglia: This is a familiar sight especially for those working at Jalan Semantan. It serves cheap and delicious pastas with creative twists such as ‘The Boss’ (pasta with bolognese and carbonara sauce) and ‘Gambino Olio’ (slow-fried pasta with seafood).

Location: SS15 Subang and Jalan Semantan. Call 011-1281 1725.


food trucks malaysia

La Famiglia serves cheap and delicious pastas.― Pic courtesy of La Famiglia Facebook Page



Cowboys Food Truck: Established in 2014, the food truck serves halal American-style barbecue meats. Regulars wax lyrical over the signature dish, ‘Chuck Norris Platter’ (smoked beef brisket, fried chicken chop and chicken wings) as well as ‘Just-Wing-It’ (a half-dozen pieces of chicken wings in a choice of barbecue or garlic-parmesan flavour).

Location: SS15 Subang and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Call 019-251 8072.



food trucks malaysia

Check out the burgers from Babarittos Delight.― Pic courtesy of Babarittos Delight Facebook Page



Babarittos Delight: Craving for burritos and nachos? Get them here! The burritos come in a choice of chicken or beef, and the nachos can either be cheesy or accompanied by bolognese sauce. Juicy burgers are also available. Take your pick!

Location: PV16 (along Columbia Asia Hospital), Setapak. Call 016-682 4877.



The Boys Food: Burgers and fries are its specialty. However, the ones here crank it up with generous dollops of sauces such as cheese, mayo and chilli con carne (meat sauce). This establishment is also getting rave reviews for its affordable price; you can get a menu item for as low as RM5.

Location: BHP Taman Melawati. Call 013-674 3438.



food trucks malaysia

Flaming Wheels serve local and intenational fares.Pic courtesy of Flaming Wheels Facebook Page


Flaming Wheels: This outfit started in 2013, and claims to be the first to offer a food truck style of F&B service. It serves local and international cuisines such as Hokkien mee, tandoori wings, and fish and chips.

Location: It roams throughout the Klang Valley area. For details, call 018-220 1237.



Curbside Cantina: Fresh and fast Mexican fare is what you’ll find here. Get your nachos, tacos, Mexican-inspired sandwiches and even churros, all for a good price, of course. Try their most sought-after dishes, ‘Chicken Quesa Tacos’ and ‘Steak Tacos’.

Location: Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (weekdays), 5 pm–10 pm. Follow them on Facebook for updates.




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