7 Travel Rules to Live By

Planning a much-needed getaway? Wondering if there’s a set of winning formulas for a blissfully smooth and amazing trip? Well, wave your worries goodbye as we are here to save the day! Follow our smart tips and let your travel dreams take flight!



holiday tips

Holidays broaden our mind.

#1 Pack less

The key is to bring what you need, not what you want. Take only the essentials, i.e. stuff you would die without. Bear in mind that the things you leave behind would most likely be available at your destination. Be a minimalist. Think compact luggage, lightweight garments, multifunctional items and travel-size products.


#2 Keep an open mind

A holiday allows you to lose yourself. Stay open to suggestions and try not to be so rigid in planning out your  schedule. It’s all right to prepare a ‘Must-Visit’ or ‘To-Do’ list, but don’t limit yourself to it. Be whimsical, embrace spontaneity. The best things usually happen when you least expect them.


holiday tips

Visit local markets whenever you can.

#3 Early bird gets the worm

Early risers often get the best out of their day. Make the most of your journey by getting up with the sun. Then you can take your time to wander, explore and discover. Nobody likes to rush during a break, so if you’ve got a busy itinerary, make sure to wake up early!


#4 All about the locals

The reason you travel is to immerse yourself in other cultures. Be friendly to local folks. Start by giving them a wide smile and saying “Hello” in their native language. Don’t forget to try traditional cuisines. Check out quirky neighbourhood shops. Strive to be a traveller, not a tourist.


#5 Be savvy about money

Check if it’s possible to store extra cash and valuables in the hotel safe deposit box or locker. Don’t carry too much cash on you. Stash your money and cards in different places on your person or in your bag to minimize the risk of losing them or other worst-case scenarios.


holiday tips

Pictures of your travels are something you can share with your loved ones.


#6 Capture the moments & memories

This is the perfect time to test your photography skills! And with the invention of digital cameras, there’s virtually no limit to the number of images you can take. But don’t make them all about you. Let the pictures tell the story of your experiences and adventures: the incredible things you’ve seen, the unbelievable places you’ve visited and the wonderful people you’ve met.


#7 Stay in touch with family & friends

This is important. Always update them on your whereabouts, just to be safe. Remember what happened to James Franco’s character in 127 Hours? There’s no excuse for maintaining radio silence while on the road. Thanks to technology, staying connected is simple and affordable.




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