A Bountiful Feast

Bounty, the latest bistro concept restaurant to open in Kuala Lumpur city centre, aims to take local diners and gourmands on a tantalizing journey.



Located at The Kuala Lumpur Journal, a fairly new boutique hotel in Bukit Bintang, Bounty’s décor is simple and somewhat industrial. The open space evokes a welcoming 1960s vibe. Though situated in close proximity to the heart of the city, the restaurant still exudes a sense of privacy. Bounty offers classic bistro fare with French, Italian and Mediterranean influences that celebrate classic cooking techniques and ingredients. It also features a pastry studio with an open concept. 



“The food at Bounty is designed with the premise of offering an unfussy menu that showcases quality ingredients and their flavours in the best possible light and at a price that is more accessible to the average diner,” said Logan Terence Lopez, Bounty’s Executive Chef. “Dishes are created without too many frills, embellishments or carb fillers. Plating is simple, so your focus is on the core ingredient, be it a meat, poultry or seafood offering. We also try to use fresh local ingredients whenever possible,” he added. 



We started off with a set of appetizers or, to use Bounty’s own words, ‘Small Plates’. At the top of the list was the Salted Cronut with White Truffle Butter. The cronut is puff pastry shaped like a doughnut and baked till crispy. This one-of-a-kind appetizer is available for dinner only.



Next, we had a taste of the Bruschetta 21, which is a grilled slice of baguette with Chinese eggplant spread, served with coriander and grilled piquillo Spanish pepper. It’s topped with pickled white anchovies and a dash of salted Carotina oil. The salty taste of the pickled anchovies is complemented by the sweetness of the piquillo pepper, making the dish a completely sublime creation. 



We also sampled Bounty’s signature French “5” Onion Soup. Invented in France in the 18th century, Bounty made this soup their own by preparing it with 5 types of onions: red onions, white onions, yellow onions, scallions and shallots. White wine vinegar and chicken consommé are added to this melting pot of caramelized onions. To top it all off, the rich broth is served with grated Gruyère cheese and perfectly poached eggs, giving it an unforgettably distinctive taste. 



Meat lovers are sure to adore the Angus Beef Cheek. The toughest cut of beef is slowly braised in Guinness Stout for three hours until it is tender. Served with carrot confit and parsnip puree, diners will have the privilege of saying “It melts in my mouth” each time they take a bite of this wonderful dish.



If you’re feeling Italian and a little bit adventurous, the Orecchiette Duck is a great choice. It consists of Orecchiette pasta that derives its name from its resemblance to a small ear, served with duck ragout braised in red wine and peppercorn, sautéed with fresh spinach and topped with a quenelle of ricotta cheese.



Or, if you’re content with something more familiar, do try the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, classic Italian spaghetti cooked with garlic, fresh chillies and white wine, and served with large-sized yabbies, also known as Australian freshwater crayfish. 



You will not be disappointed by the Grilled Tiger Prawns. Though this is a classic dish, the experts at Bounty have given it a fresh twist. A generous serving of grilled tiger prawns marinated in rum is served with risotto made from short-grain Italian rice cooked al dente with fresh tomatoes and kimchi paste, which also contains red chilli, garlic, ginger, daikon, vinegar and seasoning. The dish can be a bit spicy due to the kimchi, but it represents the ultimate Italian–Asian fusion that one can only experience at Bounty. 



Bounty prides itself on extending the theme of rich flavours with various usages of luxurious ingredients in selected dishes to excite the taste buds. Egg vs Truffle is a prime example of this theme. The entrée features a slice of buttery brioche served with two creamy poached ayam kampung eggs with grilled Peruvian asparagus, topped with a delicate saffron hollandaise, and flavoured with white truffle oil and shavings of Parmesan cheese and fresh Italian truffle. This delectable delight will instantly transport you to Italy!



A dinner outing wouldn’t be complete without a delicious dose of dessert. Bounty’s Kaffir Lime Tart with Raspberry Sorbet fits the bill perfectly. The tart is made using the sabayon method: the eggs are first cooked with lime juice and sugar over hot water and then gradually infused with butter. Though the sourness of the Kaffir lime and raspberry sorbet might be too overwhelming, the sweet and nutty grated coconut crust will balance out the taste.




Bounty understands the needs of those who are always in a rush and yet determined to have a healthy meal. The open pastry studio enables the lunch crowd to quickly decide on the ideal choice of sandwiches, with options ranging from croissants and rustic breads to freshly baked rolls. The studio also serves as a platform for pastry chefs to exhibit their talents to the customers who’ll be offered the chance to feast their eyes as well as their taste buds.



The Kuala Lumpur Journal
No. 30, Jalan Beremi
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110 5520
Email: eat@kljournal.com
Opening hours: 6.30 am to 11.00 pm

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