A Caprilicious Gastronomy

Start with a fresh salad for a nutritious boost. Capri’s Caesar Salad is served with a generous portion of Parmesan cheese, crispy bacon bits and croutons with Smoked Salmon slices on the side. A good salad must achieve a balance of freshness, crunchiness, juiciness and a protein to bite. Capri’s Caesar Salad was a well-balanced starter to entice the appetite. 


Caesar Salad


Order Capri’s Mongolian wrap for a light lunch treat. The wrap is filled with juicy tender meat, roasted vegetables paired with a tangy sauce and served with a side of fresh salad. This is a good option for the health conscious. 


Mongolian Wrap


If your appetite desires a more Oriental fare try the Tom Yum Goong. ‘Goong’ means prawn in Thai, so don’t be surprised by the generous portions of big prawns in each serving. This sweet, spicy, sour soup is addictive and warms the tummy. An all-time favorite among Malaysians. 


Tom Yum Goong


Capri by Fraser also allows you to enjoy delicious freshly grilled satay without having to wait till dusk. As we all know, satay is usually sold at night in most parts of Malaysia. Compared to the street satay that we are familiar with, Capri’s meat-on-stick delights are bigger and chunkier, yet still tender when eaten with their signature peanut sauce and condiments including rice cubes, sliced cucumber and onions. 


Grilled Satay


Another Malaysian favorite is the famous Char Kuey Teow or fried flat noodles. Fresh prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and fish cakes are key ingredients that make Char Kuey Teow a delightful hawker lunch treat. 


Char Kuey Teow


However, if you’re craving for Western cuisine, try their Boneless Chicken for your main course. This dish offers chicken breast, breaded and fried to golden perfection. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the Boneless Chicken is served with fettuccine and grilled vegetable. 


Boneless Chicken with Fettucine


Another signature Western dish at Capri by Fraser is the Grilled Lamb Cutlet. The lamb cutlet is well-marinated with herbs to bring out the aromatic scent and enhance the flavor of the meat. The meat is tender and juicy; it almost melts in your mouth with every bite. What makes this main course very special is the presentation. The lamb cutlet is served on a bed of sautéed spinach. The dish will leave you swooning and spooning for more. Executive Chef, Colin Ong shared his secret to the delicious sautéed spinach; a sprinkle of sugar to add more ‘ooomph’ to the dish. This menu is a must-try dish. 


Grilled Lamb Cutlet


Treat yourself with ‘Ice Kacang’, for dessert to end your meal. Compared to your usual ‘ais kacang’, this Capri delight has lychee fruits in it along with other ‘ais kacang’ ingredients including jelly, ‘cendol’, sweet corn, crushed peanuts, ‘cincau’ (grass jelly), ‘buah kabung’ (attap chee), and many more ‘ais kacang’ treasures underneath the shaved ice and a large scoop of ice cream . In our warm and sunny weather, having Ice Kacang in the middle of the day is refreshing and keeps you cool.


Ais kacang


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