A Day in the Life of a Pest Controller

What does a pest control technician do on a working day? Read on to find out.




pest control technician

A pest control technician must dare to face pests, of course.



Do you ever wonder what a pest control technician has to go through every working day?


It is something we take for granted as the occupation is very specialized.


First, here’s a basic rundown on the criteria a pest control contractor must meet.





A pest control technician must, of course, be able to deal with animals that are causing problems to clients.


They must go through some sort of training as well. Handling dangerous chemicals to weed out pests is not something any layman can do.


Their position is also unique. Since they are attached to a company, pest control technicians will most probably handle other aspects of the pest control business as well such as writing reports, attending to customer enquiries and managing bulk purchases.


pest control technician

Pest control technicians may handle customer enquiries too.



But the fact remains that their main task is to help customers grapple with the unpleasant ‘visitors’ that populate homes, factories, plantations and even vehicles.





Pest controllers will get a schedule of where and when to visit. It can be a first-time visit to assess the nature and seriousness of the problem. In this case, the technician will first talk to the customer about the issue. Following this, a thorough examination of the infested area will be done to identify sources and causes of the pest problem. 


The technician then discusses the findings with the customer and informs the customer about the various methods that are available to solve the issue.


The service, which typically involves spraying or fogging an appropriate insecticide in the correct quantity or simply setting traps, will be rendered.


pest control technician

Technicians make a record of measures for filing.


After this, technicians will explain the service that was performed and inform the customer of steps that can be taken to prevent or minimize a re-infestation.






The visits can be part of a scheduled maintenance service for customers who have signed up for a package specifying their exact need.


The usual routine comprises spraying chemicals in and around the property. Chemicals are potent enough to kill the vermin but harmless to humans.






Visits are to extremely varied properties, such as condos or townhomes, single-family residences, offices, food production facilities, apartments, industrial warehouses, restaurants and even food carts. Even more specifically, various pest issues can commonly occur in the structure’s eaves, attics, interior areas such as the carpet, baseboards and furniture, crawl spaces, the exterior foundation perimeter and finally, objects such as decks or woodpiles.


pest control technician

Some customers will call when things get out of hand.


Most customers would call upon seeing telltale signs of a pest. It can be droppings, furs, and unpleasant smells (of excreta).


Sometimes, these technicians will get distress calls for infestations, primarily of termites and roaches. Then, all hell breaks loose and these technicians will have to be very adept at handling such cases.



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