Clash of Colours!

At the mention of colour blocking, the first thing that comes to mind would be clothes and fashion accessories.

Colour blocking is not only limited to the fashion scene; it is also an essential element of home interior. Black and white is a classic and timeless colour combination. However, adding colours will give a more vibrant and modern flair to your abode.

Plain white walls can be a little dull and clichéd for your home interior. A lighter shade of colour creates an illusion of wider space. Having white walls can create balance in one particular area of your home, but it is not necessary to go all white on the walls.

Incorporating pops of colour is not just about buying colourful furniture or painting your cabinets. It is about contrasting blocks of solid colour on your walls which adds more ‘zest’ to your space, creating both a refined and exciting look in your living space.

Dulux shares its colourblocking trend with Yellow Pages Malaysia. Read on to find out how colourblocking can create spectacular results onto the walls of your home. 



Yellow Mellow

“Oh, what a thing to have done, and it was all yellow.” You can’t help but sing along to Coldplay’s famous tune, Yellow. Yellow may seem like a bright shade for a room, but you can choose to paint the colour on smaller spaces. Yellow can light up the entrance wall or your feature wall. 

Get Dulux True Yellow 45YY 71/664, Golden Day 35YY 71/474 


Electric Blue

The colour blue is a bold tone, which will give a clean and fresh finish to your home. An electric shade of blue can create a calm feeling in your bedroom or in your dining area. It is not necessary to paint an entire wall blue; instead, have spurs of blue polka dots on a white wall to create a fun space.

Get Dulux Regatta Bay 13BB 17/399 

Think Pink!

For a lavish wow factor, why not combine a pastel shade of pink with a striking shade of red in one room. A pink wall helps to liven up a white room or a living room area, giving the space a luxurious and well-balanced look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of one colour.

Get Dulux Tea Dance 10YR 21/346, Restoration Rose 70RR 52/120 and Red Red Rose 90RR 18/450

Orange Appeal

Dulux has a wide range of colour combinations that will go well in your kitchen space. Why look at white walls in the kitchen when you can spice up the colours? For an energizing and fun touch in your kitchen, a combination of orange and pastel pink creates a vibrant look. The cheerful shades will inspire you to create scrumptious meals for the family.

Get Dulux Valentine Pink 14RR 36/354 and Exotic Bird 60YR 29/559 


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