Technologist and gadgeteer Loh Ben Jern talks about how digital content and marketing can be strategized to make it more effective for businesses.

Loh Ben Jern digital specialist Malaysia

Ben Jern is a strong advocate of digital lifestyle.— Pic courtesy of Ben Jern's Facebook Page

The Internet has revolutionized the way people live. Not only does it facilitate information and knowledge acquisition, but it also makes it easier to buy goods and connect with people from around the world.


For example, the news is available online, 24 hours a day, in contrast to newspapers which are published one-off and limited to what was highlighted the day before.


Learning is made easier and more accessible as well. There are various podcasts and video-sharing websites, acting as ‘online courses’ for all sorts of specialized skills in a challenging and fast-changing job market. Some are available for a fee while some others are free.


Entertainment is also made more attainable. In the early days, televisions were only owned by the moneyed folks. Now, digital technology has made it possible for us to stream videos, serials and movies into our living room.


Businesses thrive, too. Online e-commerce companies such as Lazada and Amazon allow people to buy daily needs without having to visit a physical retail outlet.


Digital technology has also changed how advertising and promotion are done. Aided by social networking sites, it enables greater reach and more value for money compared to traditional advertising methods. 


Loh Ben Jern digital specialist Malaysia

More people are accessing information and services via the internet due to its convenience.— Pic from Shutterstock


These salient points were articulated by Loh Ben Jern at the TM SME BizFest 2017 session held in Kuala Lumpur recently. 


Better known as Ben Jern, he has 11 years’ experience as a radio announcer under his belt. He is now a digital consultant with a special interest in app development.


He has worked with Fly FM, One FM and Kool FM among others. He can occasionally be heard on Malaysia Airlines’ Chart Toppers.


Ben Jern is also the general manager at local over-the-top entertainment content provider* Tonton.


(*Over-the-top content provider is the provision of media transmitted over the Internet as a stand-alone product without the operator of multiple cable, facility or broadcast satellites.)


With vast experience in various media organizations, Ben Jern is aware of the requirements of digital marketing in the modern world.


Ben Jern digital specialist Malaysia

Online data collection of customers' preferences enable marketers to tailor their ads.— Pic from Shutterstock


“It is a skill in itself. There are many platforms with tonnes of ads and that constitutes a lot of digital noise. This is why digital marketing strategies in the new era are very important. Knowing exactly what customers do with platforms and media could help businesses improve,” said Ben during his SME BizFest 2017 presentation.


He said it’s the way forward, as the improvement will ensure that business organizations become competitive.


“Even retail outlets can capitalize on knowing exactly what customers do with online platforms and media. That’s why the future of digital marketing is personal and behaviour-oriented.”


When someone — a potential customer — does online surfing on their favourite retail brands, bots will constantly analyze the data.


Online analysis can ensure that businesses are two steps ahead to entice consumers such as by emailing discount codes or vouchers.


Current digital marketing strategies will go as far as providing push notifications on the same promo if the customer misses the email. 


“Soon, the collection of data will happen via social media and even video surveillance cameras. You’ll be monitored even as you enter a shopping mall.”


As a result, the likelihood for push notifications to get customers to convert increases by 20%.


Ben Jern digital specialist Malaysia

There's more choice for entertainment consumers when they go online.— Pic by Shutterstock


“Customer behaviour is also influenced by the gadgets and platforms they use,” added Ben.


For example, those who watch (a popular song contest called) ‘Anugerah Juara Lagu’ on Facebook will spend only an average of 1.42 minutes compared to 39 minutes on Tonton, making the latter a better place for ad immersion.


When it comes to mobile phones, iPhones are owned by the younger sets with more disposable incomes while Androids are favoured by older ones with less disposable income but more responsiveness to customizability.


“The scenario I mentioned can be scary for some people. But that’s how the world is going to be,” said Ben Jern.


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