Keep Pests at Bay with Simple DIY Tips

These super-easy DIY tips will keep common pests away. 


DIY pest control 

 No pests will want to stay in a clean home, that's for sure!

Our home is our sanctuary. No matter how fast-paced life is, it’s vital to allocate enough time to maintain our living quarters and surroundings.


Although it is fairly common to have pests in homes near commercial, plantation and industrial areas, pests can turn up even in ultra-modern settings. Your place of residence is no exception especially when proper hygiene is not observed.


Learn what attracts these unwanted guests in the first place and discover how to debug your house the DIY way. Read on!





Malaysians are very fond of their traditional bath tubs. Water is collected there for indefinite periods, creating ideal locations for mosquitoes to breed.


DIY pest control

Stagnant water makes perfect nest for mosquitoes.

In fact, certain species lay their eggs at dry areas and they are ready to hatch once water is available.


Old tyres, dry leaves and rubbish collection spots are among the places where stagnant water pools.

Solution: Frequently clean your own compounds — clear outside areas of dry leaves — and manage trash collection to avoid cans and bottles from being exposed. Be vigilant especially during the monsoon season when heavy sporadic rains occur. Clean tubs and swimming pools regularly. And put larvicide in water containers and pots to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.




Organic kitchen wastes such as fish guts and decomposed fruits emit strong odours that are attractive to pests. These wastes will emit liquid that can leach out of flimsy bin bags, making the smell more potent.


Discarded cardboard boxes, paper and items made of plastic may not be as messy and smelly. However, they serve as perfect materials for rodents to make their ‘home’.


DIY pest control

This is a surefire way to attract pests.

Solution: Get a waste bin that is adequate in size to avoid overflow, and use durable bin bags to prevent punctures. Wash bins after every usage to get rid of smells and spillages. If you have a rubbish chute, scrub it at least once a week to prevent grime and rubbish bits from accumulating. Avoid hoarding inorganic wastes or biodegradable objects by regularly sending them to recycling centres.




All living things require water to live. However, too much moisture can cause problems. Dampness gives rise to conditions that will allow pests to thrive. This is true especially in bathrooms and toilets. Examples of common bathroom pests are cockroaches, ants, and even centipedes and water shrews.

DIY pest control

Clean the bathrooms regularly to prevent pests.

Solution: Thoroughly clean bathrooms by wiping all surface areas with a mixture of water and disinfectant or bleach. Scrub toilets of grime and ensure that bathroom sinks are de-clogged regularly. And don’t forget to wash the shower curtains, too.




It’s lovely to have beautiful sofas, carpets curtains and beddings. But fabrics accumulate dust and add to an unpleasant living condition. Small living quarters with plenty of bric-a-brac are also prime dust collection sites. Unaired and rarely vacuumed households will enable pests such as dust mites and bed bugs to flourish.

Solution: Regularly vacuum carpets and floors. Change beddings once a week and sofa cushions and upholsteries once in two weeks if you live in dusty or construction areas. If you’re the old-school type, sweeping the floor is okay although it is inadequate if you want a dust-free surface area.

DIY pest control

 This is what bugs and mites hate.



Dining and entertaining happens a lot here and it’s normal to have spillages and food crumbs on the floor. The kitchen is also where cooking and dishwashing is done. A less-than-sterling cleaning job will leave stains and smells, making it a perfect haven for roaches, flies and rodents.


Solution: Immediately mop stains and oils with a mixture of warm water and antiseptic cleaner. Proceed with vacuuming or an intensive sweep to get rid of dry debris such as crumbs. Don’t miss hidden corners where accumulated food bits and stains can collect. Buy fly papers to trap flies.


DIY pest control

Don't let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink.


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