From Bricks and Mortar to Online: 4 Main Advantages

Setting up an e-commerce business has its advantages.


ebusiness malaysiaEven if you already have a bricks-and-mortar setup, a website will make your business more scalable.

E-commerce is booming these days. And it makes sense. The Internet enables a wider reach, making it a boon for small businesses to scale and reach a wider customer base.


A report in The Edge Markets, quoting the economic census of the Department of Statistics, said that e-commerce in Malaysia in 2015 was dominated by the local market with RM356.9 billion or 89.6% of the total income from e-commerce.


With more Internet connections and Wi-Fi hotspots as well as competitively priced data plans, it is easier for consumers to be connected to various service providers and retailers. And even if you already have a bricks-and-mortar setup, a website will make your business more scalable. Below are the main benefits of converting your bricks-and-mortar business to a bustling online store:


A wider and limitless reach

It’s always easier to identify customers in local markets as you are familiar with the culture, environment and commercial considerations in the area you know well. International customers may be harder to get. However, demand for good quality products and services is universal. Anyone would want that, whether they’re in Malaysia or Poland. A virtual store also allows customers to reach you 24/7 via email so that you can log in their product orders at your convenience.



You save on costs

A physical presence will ensure traffic to your outlet and a high chance of conversion. However, it’s all about location. This is why prime retail areas such as Bukit Bintang and KL Sentral command a premium price. A bricks-and-mortar store requires high overhead costs such as utilities, staff salaries, insurance payments, quit rents and many more. You can also cut down on costly advertising and promotion blitz (more on this below). And with online presence, a cost-effective storage area can be used for your stocks. Even if you have a huge business, it’s quicker to ship products via online orders, eliminating travel costs and saving time for customers. This will make customers happy and increases loyalty too.


online business malaysia For effective business transactions, e-commerce is an efficient method.

 Reach new audiences in cost-effective ways

When customers are happy with your services, they will effectively talk about their experiences to their friends and acquaintances. They may even blog about their experiences on buying from you and jot down a product review for their followers to read. In terms of advertising, we know that traditional methods of advertising are costly. With an online store, you worry less about conversion rates, since customers can reach you at a click instead of waiting for your store to open. And if you develop your website in a way that makes it effective for indexing by  search engines crawlers, it can enhance your search engine optimization and target audience. Social media traffic, pay-per-click and organic traffic are cost-effective too.


Your business is more competent

The points outlined above make it obvious that e-commerce injects efficiency into your business activities. For example, you can focus on enhancing the varieties of products on your e-commerce site to drive more visitors to your site. For effective business transactions, e-commerce is an efficient method. Setting-up cost is extremely low as compared to expanding your business with more bricks-and-mortar locations. Very few licences and permits are required to start up an online business than a physical store. You can save yourself lots of money by using fewer employees to perform operations like billing customers, managing inventory and more.



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