I Love Snackfood: A Collection of Happy Things

We all yearn for simpler times when life was uncomplicated and there’s more time for leisure. For many people, those days usually hark back to childhood.

Do you remember the design of your first schoolbag? And do you also remember the time when every study room has a typewriter?

If you love vintage stuff and cute-as-button décor items, head over to Snackfood, a name that’s as whimsical as the things it sells.

Take some time off and plan a visit. From the array of products on sale at the outlet, it’s pretty obvious that the proprietor takes great pains to ensure a fruitful visit for those interested in looking for something different.

“My curatorial direction is constantly ensuring that everything we represent is thoughtful, whether in its inspiration, process or presentation. I am immensely drawn to designs that possess natsukashii characteristics (sudden joy and memory of good times). Essentially, I desire for the spirit of discovery to exude from the store. I want people to discover new or nostalgic feelings at Snackfood — be it an idea or a pleasure,” said its founder, Adeline Chong.


Inside, there are string lounge chairs to make your living room brighter. Pyjamas can be embossed with your monogram. Quirky table ornaments can liven up your coffee table.


Tired of run-of-the-mill bags? At the shop, you can find quintessential heritage designs so that you can travel in style.

Among the totes on sale here are English luxury leather label Daines & Hathaway.

You can even get Marvis, a ‘cult brand’ toothpaste described by The Wall Street Journal as the equivalent to the “Dolce & Gabbana dress” in one’s wardrobe of staples.

According to Adeline, niche book titles and independent magazines are popular with the shop’s visitors.

“We don’t curate titles based on lifestyle. We curate with curiosity. We stock like the big bookstores do, except we also take chances on newer niche titles and give them the proper publicity that they deserve.”


Book collectors would love the classic Ladybird titles available at the shop. Stocks of minimalist lifestyle magazines and travel magazines, such as Kinfolk and Cereal, are also available.

Speaking of books, the premise also sells Archie Grand notebooks. Made of high-quality paper, the notebooks are great for those who want to record their thoughts and inspirations.

The notebooks are a part of the outlet’s ‘Snackfood Vintage Desks’ range for people who are passionate about penning down their life aspirations on top-notch log books and journals.

Ladies looking to add more shoes to their collection can now buy footwear from the marque of Nelissa Hilman, an engineer-turned-shoemaker.


A collection of costume jewellery under the brand name of The Straits Finery, established by businesswoman Foo Chia Chern and market researcher Amira Yahaya, is born out of a desire to create timeless and minimalist adornments.

To Adeline, it matters less if the shop seems to come across as a general store. “What makes a multi-label brand store more exciting is personality and point of view. Curating a brand repertoire requires the clear mind of balance, and a readiness to keep it fresh. So we have the upper hand with different stories, be it a product, its origins and its makers. That keeps our personality fresh and exciting. And why Snackfood has a growing popularity is because we are genuine with our opinions and are open-minded to speak what we feel.”


I Love Snackfood

17A, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


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