Macalister Mansion, Penang

Penang plays host to many iconic Colonial buildings left behind during the British Colony of Malaya. But only few open its doors for you to enjoy being a guest. We knocked on the doors of Macalister Mansion, and they warmly open their doors to us.


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Recently converted into a boutique hotel, this charming residence takes you back to an era where things were primp and proper English style. Located along the historic Macalister Road, The colonial mansion was recently restored and turned into a luxurious boutique hotel. The Mansion’s history is rich in culture and heritage, built in the early 1900s.


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Macalister Mansion is designed around the idea of an old English Mansion. Each space is specifically design to get a feel of being in a home. Guest are encouraged to eat good food, drink fine beverages, enjoy long conversations, listen to soothing music, have a good night’s sleep or simply take a plunge into the pool.


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The Mansion comprises of the Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar, The Lawn and a total of eight rooms.
The living room offers all-day dining and doubles up as a casual space to hang out. Gastronomic delights include a selection of local and international dishes. The playful pop colour theme setting allows for guest to enjoy sweet treats and a selection of thirst quenching beverages. You must insist on having a cuppa as the Mansion offers a wide selection of TWG teas.



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Head down to the Dining Room for some serious indulgence, they have modern cuisine on offer using only the finest ingredients. The personalized service will have you feeling like a Lord or Lady of that era.


After the satisfying grub, head down to The Den to unwind with a glass of whisky or cigar. Offering a selection of whiskey from all over the world, this is truly a charming gentleman hang out. Head down to The Lawn to lounge by the pool, read a book or relax by the garden.


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The name Macalister Mansion pays homage to Sir Norman Macalister, one of the first British Governors of Penang (then known as Prince of Wales Island) from 1808-1810. Sir Norman Macalister also gave his name to Macalister Road, where the Mansion is situated.


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