Magically Melaka: Magic Art Museum

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Let your imagination soar at the Magic Art Museum! Located in Bukit Katil, Melaka, this picture-perfect wonderland houses two storeys of trick art or 3D paintings that incorporate true-to-life characteristics, artistic elements and cool techniques. Cleverly bringing optical illusions to life, the exhibits are meant to be admired, touched and puzzled over. You have complete freedom to stimulate your creativity and give your brainpower a boost. The entire place is jam-packed with fun photo inspirations so take as many shots as you like!


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Divided into several exciting themes such as Malacca Culture, Aquarium, Fantasy, Adventure and Ice World, the galleries sparkle with 3D magic. Some of the visuals or murals are downright surreal while others are simply mind-blowing! Amuse yourself with depictions of timeless images from Jonker Street. Strike a pose with ancient Egyptians or tickle a dozing polar bear. Every 3D artwork on display superbly combines art and design with interactive enjoyment.


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Tip: Be prepared to spend at least two hours here.
And plan your return visit soon!
Entrance fee: RM25 (adults) | RM20 (kids & senior citizens)

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