The Secret of Fizo Omar’s Success

Fizo Omar talks about his move from sportsman and celeb to a master enterpriser.


Malaysian entrepreneur Fizo Omar

Fizo Omar is now a successful businessman. — Pic courtesy of Fizo Omar Channel website


Wan Hafizol Wan Omar, who goes by the moniker Fizo Omar, is already a jack of all trades.


Hailing from Kota Bharu in Kelantan, the 32-year-old young man of Thai ancestry studied for a diploma in civil engineering at a local tertiary institute and is married to the founder of Fareeda hijab brand Mawar Abdul Karim.

Fizo was a footballer as well, where he played for the under-16 team for his home state (Kelantan).

At university, he dabbled in modelling for fun. The gig opened doors to a lucrative acting career in television dramas, feature films and hosting assignments.

Somehow, Fizo felt that there’s more that he can do. Naturally, he started seeking opportunities in the business world. 

Malaysian entrepreneur Fizo Omar

Fizo gave a seminar at SME BizFest in Kota Bharu recently. Pic courtesy of Fizo Omar's Facebook Page

Today, Fizo owns four companies. They are Fizo Omar Channel, entrepreneurship training company Fizo Omar Consultancy, food and beverage venture Fizo Omar Catering and an equipped multi-purpose hall (for rental) called Fizo Omar Centre.

“Anyone can succeed, and it is possible once you have the knowledge,” said Fizo at the TM SME BizFest 2017 in Kota Bharu recently.

“The Internet has made it easier to promote one’s businesses and products. It is also easier to market a venture due to the presence of various social media platforms. If your business is not on the Internet, you are going to be out of business,” added Fizo.

According to Fizo, the three important ingredients for a successful business is trust, content and credibility.

Malaysian entrepreneur Fizo Omar

Fizo and his wife Mawar Abdul Karim pose outside Fizomawar Kitchen restaurant. — Pic courtesy of Fizo Omar's Facebook Page

“The branding of your product is very important. Branding builds your credibility and gains customers' trust. With trust, there is goodwill between your customers and you."

Fizo shared a story where he decided to use a video of his mother’s cooking as pre-publicity material for the opening of his restaurant  Fizomawar Kitchen  serving Thai-style family recipes. 

“It generated so much interest. There was a lot of sharing over social media about people's desire to taste the restaurant’s food. People queued outside the restaurant even when the scheduled opening was only going to be two days later,” said Fizo.

Malaysian entrepreneur Fizo Omar

Fizo's restaurant serves Thai-style family recipes. — Pic courtesy of Fizomawar Kitchen's Facebook Page

Fizo has a total of 4.5 million combined followers on all his social media platforms.


As a lifelong learning advocate, he is currently conducting his research in Social Media Advertising for PhD level studies.

He has been awarded the Ikon Belia Malaysia (2012 & 2013), Emerging Young Entrepreneur (2014) as well as Ikon Belia Keusahawanan (2015), and has been invited as a speaker for countless business programmes.

Fizo is modest despite his successes owing to the fact that he has gone through some dark periods in his business life. Chief among them is the use of his name for a loan he did not take, leaving him instantly saddled with an RM8 million debt.

Malaysian entrepreneur Fizo Omar

Fizo's business includes a fully-equipped seminar room for rent. — Pic courtesy of Fizo Omar Facebook Page

“I was still learning the intricacies of conducting a business and might have been too trusting. But we all need to learn from mistakes. That is why I believe that the best way to improve is through sharing one’s experiences. I love to share anecdotes and stories of my experiences so that more people can gain the knowledge and confidence to venture into business, just like me.”



NOTE: Find out more about Fizo Omar’s businesses and initiatives here.  And if you want to make reservations for your buka puasa meal, visit Fizomawar Restaurant Facebook Page for contact details.

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