Pest Control: Get the Experts

Nip the pest problem in the bud and get the experts to handle it.

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pest control management

 It's important to get experts to deal with pest problems.



By now, you’d be familiar with common types of pests and the harm they can cause, as well as several preventive measures to quell the invasion.


But sometimes, additional measures need to be taken despite everything you have done.


Allow us to introduce you to your potential best friend in this whole scheme: pest controllers or sometimes referred to as pest management services.



Who are they?


Their job is to eradicate the aggravation that flies, creep, crawls and sniffs around your homes. In short, the pest control technicians are sent to do a job by the company whose services you have paid for. 



What do they do?


They provide professional pest control measures, depending on your needs.

Pest control companies do not only mete out services for residential properties; they also provide them to industrial, commercial and agricultural companies.



How do I choose the right pest management company for my needs?


Check the list of pest control companies on Yellow Pages Malaysia and contact the selected pest control company for further details. You can call to make simple enquiries and compare prices.


Do ask if they have special deals. It can be something as simple as a money-back guarantee offer, and even a warranty of five years for certain pest control services, usually termite extermination and prevention.


You may want to check their track record by asking for clients’ testimonials. Companies that have performed well will be happy and proud to display their clients’ testimony of their service performance, and also their accreditation documents and credentials (like ISO 9001).


The companies must also have a Pest Control Operator Licence as outlined in the Pesticides (Pest Control Operator) Rules 2004 (rule 6(3)) and the Pesticide Sales/Storage Licence as stipulated in the Pesticides Act 1974 (section 17(2)).


In Malaysia, all vector management field staff are required to be licensed or certified by the Pesticides Board of Malaysia (Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry).


pest control management 

Choosing the right pest management company will ensure a pest-free environment.

How do I know if the price quoted is reasonable?


As with anything, you get what you pay for. If the price is important, you will accept the basic service of eliminating the pest. But if you expect something more, then you must expect to have to pay more. The decision has to be yours to make, based on your needs and what you are prepared to pay for.



Can’t I do it myself?


It is possible but most homeowners lack the knowledge and training that professionals have to treat pest problems effectively.


A professional pest control operator has the training and expertise to do these things, leading to the most effective solution to your pest problem.



What are the techniques used?


Techniques utilised by the professionals mainly comprise the following: 


* Setting up of effective traps

* Spraying/fumigation of only the approved pest extermination chemicals

* Chemical injecting

The company makes sure that the only products used during pest control services are those that provide the most minimal risks to both the clients and the environment.


pest control management

Do remember that success is limited if you choose to deal with pests the DIY way.

What are the steps/procedures involved in a pest control service?


Step 1

Firstly, the company’s staff conducts an examination of the client’s property and does whatever is needed from the analysis, eg trapping, spraying, etc.


Step 2

Follow-up session: the company provides pest extermination or control which does not merely stop at the initial treatment. A follow-up treatment is performed that usually consists of repeat procedures aimed at totally getting rid of pests.

Step 3

Quarterly treatments: the staff ensures that the client’s property is inspected and given pest extermination services as needed.


Targeted chemical measures are effective, but sound knowledge of long-term pest control and eradication such as managing the cleanliness of the surroundings can give a more long lasting benefit.


Information courtesy of Pest Control Association of Malaysia, Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia and Eco-Pest Sdn Bhd.


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