Pest Control Products Under RM15

Struggling with your monthly household budget while handling a pesky pest problem? Don’t fret! 



Pest Control Products Under RM15

Aerosols are readily available at supermarkets.


Struggling with your monthly household budget while handling a pesky pest problem? Don’t fret! Buying pest control supplies need not be an expensive affair or a cumbersome one. Take charge with our pick of pest control products costing RM15 or less.


Even better news: these products are readily available at supermarkets or grocery shops in your neighbourhood. Browse the Supermarkets section of Yellow Pages Malaysia to find one near you.


(Note: Prices may slightly differ depending on your location.)



AEROSOLS: The most popular type for tackling common household insects. There are generic insect sprays as well as ones specific for killing one type of insect at a time.

Products: Shieldtox Mosquito Spray Aerosol 270 ml (RM6.45). If roaches trouble you, get Ridsect Cockroach Water-based Aerosol 600 ml (RM13.25). A small but potent product in this category is Fumakilla Vape One Push V 30 Days 10 ml (RM9.90), which targets all types of insect pests.



VAPORIZER MATS: These tiny mats contain chemicals which, when heated in the mat heater, will be emitted into the room. It keeps mosquitoes away for hours. Once the mat’s colour fades (usually after 8 to 10 hours), all you need to do is replace it with a new one.  

Products: Ridsect Mat-F 30 pieces (RM4.80); Vape Q Mat Mosquito Repellent 90 pieces (RM10.50).



Pest Control Products Under RM15

There are chemicals in these mats that can kill mosquitoes.

LIQUID VAPORIZERS: These are in liquid form and, just like mats, require an electric heat diffuser which is either sold separately or in packages of both liquid and heat diffuser. Depending on the brand, each bottle can be used for 30 to 60 nights. Its efficacy and long-lasting effect would also depend on the size of the area where it is used.

Products: Fumakilla Jumbo Vape Liquid M 22.5 ml (RM8.40); Ridsect Liquid-P Heater 60 Night 44 ml (RM10.50).



COILS: They may seem old school but there are hardcore admirers of these products out there. Its strong odour doesn’t endear it to many. But it is portable, hardy and very effective in warding off mozzies, making it an essential item for campers and those living in mosquito-infested areas. Only a piece of a palm-sized coil is needed for up to 8 hours of protection. The coil is lit and put in a special container (to avoid fire hazard).


Pest Control Products Under RM15

Coils emit strong smells but is portable and effective.

Products: Fish M Mosquito Coil 50 Coil (RM5), Fumakilla A Mosquito Coil 50 pieces (RM8.70).


REPELLENTS: The repellents are either in the form of sticks, sprays, creams and lotions applied on exposed body parts or they are in the non-contact form of plasters and bracelets. These repellents contain an active ingredient called diethyltoluamide (DEET) but there are alternatives that are natural and organic. (Get more info on organic repellents in our previous article.)


Products: Guardian Buzzaway Spray 80 ml (RM9); Kaps Natural Insect Repellent Stick 34 gm (RM9.75); Off Mosquito Repellent Lotion 50 ml (RM8.50).



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