You have applied for your leave and even got a festive Raya bonus on the side. What better way to enjoy it than to shop for new attires to celebrate Hari Raya?


Hari Raya fashion 2017

Hari Raya is the perfect time to shop for festive attires. — Pic courtesy of Minaz Boutique Facebook Page


Browsing for garments at the famous Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman bazaars is the old-school way of buying what one needs.  But when it comes to shopping for the latest top-drawer exclusives, online shopping.


With online shopping, you can start browsing what's on offer and even start thinking about how you want to look this Raya. Chic? Minimalist? Vivacious? Or plain classic?


You get the idea now, so read on to find out about some brands you’ll want to check out.



Hari Raya fashion 2017

UMMA boasts simple but striking details. — Pic courtesy of UMMA Facebook Page

UMMA: A new player in the fashion industry, the name come from the Arabic word for ‘community’.


They are turning heads with their minimalist pieces for men and women that are super-elegant and don't burn a hole in your pocket. Their take on the traditional Baju Kurung, Kebaya and Baju Melayu is striking, yet understated.


Fine pleats, solid cuts, soft drapes and neutral tones define the collection of UMMA. Those who opt for bolder patterns can choose an array of prim long skirts and tops. Check out their Raya promo at their website and visit their Facebook Page for more information.




Hari Raya fashion 2017

 This lavish abaya from Hidaya International will grab anyone's attention.— Pic courtesy of Hidaya International Facebook Page


HIDAYA INTERNATIONAL: Think full-length abayas (long dress) and hijabs in luxurious fabrics, that’s Hidaya International for you.  An Emirati product, the brand reached the shores of Malaysia in 2014.


Though conservative in look with a monochromatic colour scheme, this is what one can wear to be modest and dressy at the same time.


The attires come mostly in black and accentuated with details such as trumpet sleeves, hoods, beads, laces and zippy-coloured fabrics.


View their collections and updates on their website or Facebook Page.




Hari Raya fashion 2017

 A selection from Imaan Boutique. — Pic courtesy of Imaan Boutique Facebook Page


 IMAAN BOUTIQUE: Simple modest clothing and hijabs in pastel colours dominate the local fashion house's collection. Targeted at young adults, career women and mature women, the brand boasts a flagship retail outlet at Encorp Strand Mall in Kota Damansara. 


Some attires incorporate nursing-friendly designs while there are some models with zipped fitted sleeves that enable one to perform ablutions (Islamic washing rites for prayers) easily.


Best of all, the products are very affordable as they are geared towards the middle class and below.


Browse for their products at their website or Facebook Page.




Hari Raya fashion 2017

 Bright colours are the hallmark of JubahSouq garments. — Pic courtesy of JubahSouq Facebook Page


JUBAHSOUQ: The brand is founded seven years ago and it stocks clothes for men, women and children alike.


This brand is great for those who are looking for ensembles with bright trendy palettes. Their Baju Kurung designs range from modern and simple to the modish peplum designs.


View their collection at their website or Facebook Page.




Hari Raya fashion 2017

 These ensembies are exclusive to Minaz Boutique. — Pic courtesy of Minaz Boutique Facebook Page


MINAZ BOUTIQUE: Here’s another fashion house with a penchant for eye-popping colours. Featuring modern-style Baju Kurung and Jubah with various floral and geometric designs, its collection is perfect for those who love to make a fashion statement.


Visit the website or Facebook Page.




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