How Rozita Che Wan Conquered Her Business Dream

What you need to know about Rozita Che Wan’s transformation into a successful businesswoman.


 Rozita Che Wan business actress

Rozita rose from her salad days to become a self-made businesswoman.— Pic courtesy of Rozita Che Wan Facebook Page



Growing up in hardship, Rozita Che Wan remembered an instance from her school days when she wanted to buy a Cornetto ice cream.


She never got to savour it as it cost 80 sen — a princely sum in those days — and she couldn’t afford it with her meagre allowance.


The experience stays with Rozita even to this day and serves as a motivation for her to rise against the odds.


Fortunately, she found fame in the world of film, television and commercials. Although Rozita was a late bloomer — aged 33 when she began her foray into the field (in 2005) — she rocketed to fame.


To boost her earnings, she overextended herself, taking more acting jobs than she could comfortably handle. Eventually, she fell ill.


“At that point, I realized that show business would pay well for as long as the actor or actress is popular. It is less about talent, as I found out. Sometimes I only get paid RM1,000 a month. How am I to survive?” said Rozita at the TM SME BizFest 2017 in Kota Bharu recently.


Furthermore, acting gigs are not always forthcoming. An offer to be a brand ambassador was thus accepted, marking the beginning of a new and fruitful journey.


“I became a brand ambassador for up to 10 companies and the money is good. I started thinking, If I’m getting paid for doing endorsements, why can’t I come up with my own product?”


Without any knowledge or background in business, Rozita pondered hard.


“When we want to do business, we must know it inside out. Business is not about getting a regular paycheck. You have to really think of the product you want to sell. I decided that it has to be something close to my heart and it must fulfil a need.”


Rozita immediately thought of her personal faves: fragrances. 


Rozita Che Wan business actress

Precious, inspired by Rozita, became an immediate bestseller.— Pic courtesy of Rozita Che Wan Facebook Page


Her first product, a perfume named ‘Precious’, was launched soon after. It sold 20,000 bottles in two days.


“Perfumes are expensive and not affordable for a lot of people. And I think it sold very well because it’s inexpensive,” she said.


Her next product, Jus Goyang Rapat, has since become her signature product. It promises its consumers flawless skin, slimmer figures and better intimacy.


Jus Goyang Rapat is seen as a panacea for harried wives and working mums looking for a ‘miracle’ that will transform them into energetic ladies. Within two weeks of launching, Rozita earned RM1.6 million in takings.


“I take the product too, and became a mum again at the age of 42! It really works,” she said, smiling.


Rozita added that besides increasing her income, a flourishing business also provides opportunities for other like-minded individuals to be a part of it.



Rozita Che Wan business actress

Indeed, Rozita won’t be slowing down anytime soon.— Pic courtesy of Rozita Che Wan Facebook Page


“I help other young business aspirants to do business by enabling them to become stockists or conduct dropshipping. One of them is already earning five figures a month,” revealed Rozita proudly.


It may seem easy but according to Rozita, nothing is ever easy especially in the beginning.


A sound business proposal is crucial, along with good organization of tasks and execution of the phases. Everything requires solid planning and effort.


“I worked tirelessly for the first two years of my business. And I did it because I wanted an extraordinary life. At this point, I can stay at home if I want to, because I can afford to. But why should I? I can work and I have worked hard to be where I am, so I will keep on doing it.


“So grab your chance at starting a business because it’s worth it.”



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