Sepilok: Bringing Out the Jungle Animal in You

Remember the adventure stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs? What if Tarzan was orphaned in Sepilok, Sabah, instead of the jungles of West Africa? What if he’s reared by orangutans instead of the fictional Mangani great apes? That ought to get your imagination going! Well, let it run wild, we say! We takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of Sepilok, where the lords of the jungle are apes and bears, and humans can play a starring role in their survival.


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When you visit the orangutan rehabilitatiaon centre, make your way to the Open Nursery. Brace yourself for some cuteness overload as you witness the antics of the baby orangutans! But do take time to learn more about the serious threats facing orangutan populations in the wild. It’s harrowing to think that the vulnerable creatures you see before you have lost their mothers to the illegal pet trade. Did you know that 760 orangutans had been admitted to Sepilok since the centre’s establishment in 1964? It’s time for us to give these arboreal primates a fighting chance!


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The Open Nursery has many functions and features:

JUNGLE GYM: The baby orangutans learn to climb and swing, important skills for these tree dwellers to master.
PLAY CAGE: It’s play date time! The baby orangutans get to meet and mingle, and just play together!


What are you waiting for? Snap some photos, share some love with these gentle, highly intelligent “people of the forest”, and learn a thing or two about the conservation of this endangered species.

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