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Daun Pest Control and Hygiene Services manager Mohd Amiruddin Ahmad shares some practical information, tips and anecdotes on making an establishment truly pest free. 

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Daun Pest Control 

Amiruddin is an experienced pest control technician as well as a manager. — Pic by TM INfo-Media Sdn Bhd




Prevent the habits that encourage pests to breed. But if you are fighting a losing battle with pests, hiring an expert will give you peace of mind.


This is the advice from Daun Pest Control and Hygiene Services manager Mohd Amiruddin Ahmad, who has 12 years’ experience in the pest control industry. 


Besides technical executions, Amiruddin also supports the company’s marketing and customer service divisions.


“There are many companies out there and it is a competitive market. We just aim to give the best to our customers. We try to give feedback and follow-ups even after their contract ends because we want to be a responsible company,” said Amiruddin to Yellow Pages Malaysia recently.


The company handles many types of pests, from the less common ones such as birds and bats to usual household pests such as cockroaches.


A customer’s first call will involve telling the management of the type of pest and where it is usually seen. The team will respond to the complaint within 24 hours.


“We will also face customers who decline follow-up services, thinking that one visit from the pest controller is enough. In some instances, customers abruptly terminate packages and agreements. This is the most challenging aspect of the business but we try to make them understand why follow-ups are necessary.”







MOSQUITOES: As you know, mosquito bites can cause diseases like dengue and malaria. Awareness is very important to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Fogging, misting or simply using aerosols will kill but not totally eliminate them. However, there are some things you can do to tackle places that are conducive for them to thrive: areas that are dirty with rubbish as well as stagnant water containment areas.


 Daun Pest Control

Insect screens are beneficial in preventing mosquitoes and other pests from entering the home. 


Chief on the list is cleaning water containers in the house. Clean the containers where water is kept regularly such as open tanks and tubs as well as flowerpots. Repair dripping faucets that can leave puddles.


There are surprising hidden areas that can harbour mosquitoes such as drain pipes and drain pans of certain air conditioning models, and rooftops. Make an effort to monitor and clean them.


Ensure that plastic bags, cans and containers are properly disposed of as these are effective for water catchment.


Install nettings and insect screens at windows and sliding doors if your area is a known black area for dengue.




RATS:  There are specific ways and methods to control rats. The best way is to keep homes clean and quickly dispose of rubbish. Pest controllers will conduct treatments based on the severity of the infestation.


Daun Pest Control

With glue boards, rats will get stuck fast.


The best way to trap them is to use glue boards provided by pest control services (comprising a small board with industrial-strength glue). Rats that run over these boards will get stuck and slowly die.




BIRDS: These are less common but nonetheless can be real pests with their droppings and feathers. Swallows, pipits and pigeons are the usual culprits.


Owners can put up obstacles in areas where the birds like to roost and perch. Examples are bricks and wire fences.



COCKROACHES: Uncovered and exposed food items and food debris on tables are chief attractions for cockroaches. Cabinets, sinks and floors must be cleaned immediately to avoid debris from accumulating and emitting smells.


Daun Pest Control

Pigeons, in large numbers, can be pretty irksome.



BED BUGS: If you’re away from your own house and have to stay at hotels or someone else’s home, do check the beds and sofas for telltale signs of bed bugs. Put your bags away from the mattress while doing this.


Don’t just check the mattresses. Use a torch or your smartphone’s flashlight to check under the mattress, headboards, sides and box springs.



TERMITES: Termites can cause great losses to properties. Individuals in households can’t prevent termites but can detect their presence. The most notable sign of termites is the appearance of frass (a mixture of termite excrement and debris produced when the insects bore into woods).


Don’t make your own decisions when faced with telltale signs of termites. One must contact experts to avoid irreparable damages.



Daun Pest Control

Termites can cost home owners dearly.



Using insecticide may not be effective. It can make termites burrow deeper and spread to unexplored areas. Your shiny expensive kitchen cabinet worth thousands of ringgit will be worthless when termites turn it to dust.






Daun Pest Control and Hygiene Services, established in 2010, provides general pest control solutions (aimed at rodents, cockroaches and other more common household pests) as well as specific pest control measures to deal with pests such as termites. The company also offers hygiene expertise such as washroom cleaning services and air fresheners.

It currently provides services to around 100 households and 20 companies. Find out more about the company’s services and products at their website and Facebook Page



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