The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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Recognized as a national Heritage site Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has a rich history of becoming the greatest hotels of Kuala Lumpur in its time. This colonial structure was built in 1932 designed by Dutch architecture firm Keyes and Dowdeswell. In its heyday the hotel catered to every whim and fancy of contemporary society. For the first time in Malayan history, modern sanitization was introduced in all rooms, with hot and cold water showers, and long baths in 18 rooms, considered the height of luxury in its day.


Adhering to the grandest standards, furniture, silverware and furnishings were imported from England. Artist from all over the world took center stage at the roof garden featuring a dance floor and seating for up to 350 guests. Artist from Hollywood and the Coliseum in London have entertained guests in The Majestic.


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The Majestic was favored by the colonial elite and prominent visitors; she was the venue for extravagant parties, Sunday curry tiffin lunches and the famous tea dance.


By the 1970’s, the hotel had lost its luster, giving way to newer, bigger and more luxurious hotels. Saved from demolition by the government, at the end of 1983, the last guests checked out and the hotel became home to the National Art Gallery from 1984 until 1998, until it relocated its current premises.


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Recently restored and refurbished The Majestic Kuala Lumpur once again open its doors to KL’s elite. Luxurious fittings were given a modern touch keeping close to old traditions. Walk through a history lesson in The Majestic Wing, the original historic building with 47 luxurious suites. The tower wing features 253 guests rooms and suites.


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With many dining options to choose from, don’t give The Orchid Conservatory a miss. The Orchid Conservatory features a seasonal range of phalaenopsis orchids; with thousands of stunning large-petal blooms displayed in a re-creation of their natural habitat. Enjoy this setting while sipping on tea and indulging in traditional English afternoon teatime treats.


For a relaxing pamper, indulge in The Majestic Spa. And for a ‘gentlemen’s experience’ traditional English grooming, check out the exclusive gentlemen’s barber Truefitt & Hill. The Majestic has also played host to many of KL’s biggest and most extravagant wedding receptions. A stopover must for those visiting Kuala Lumpur.


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