Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Equipment for Your F&B Business

A useful guide for aspiring F&B business owners. 

An F&B enterprise — restaurant, café, food outlet — is a lucrative venture. And this is pretty much true in Malaysia where varieties of food and eating out are very much a part of life.



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Setting up an F&B business requires careful planning, though. There are many things to consider, such as writing a business proposal, finding the right location, obtaining the business licences, and getting the kitchen equipment and supplies.



And speaking of kitchen equipment, anyone would guess that this is the sine qua non of the F&B business. The right appliances are needed for storing, cooking, processing and preparing food.



Quality, safety issues as well as cost are among the main factors to be taken into consideration when shopping for equipment. You need to do your research to get the best appliances for your needs.



Are you an F&B entrepreneur-to-be and wondering where to start? Then check out the following bite-sized advice and helpful tips from Yellow Pages Malaysia. We hope these will serve as a guide to choosing the right kitchen equipment for the food and drink establishment of your dreams!


 kitchen equipment Malaysia

 Enamelled cast iron is tough and offers a non-stick surface. 


Quality cookware

These wares are containers for the delectable dishes at your premises, so they are very important. There are actually many types of cookware, ranging from enamelled cast iron pots to simple aluminium pans.


Each cookware has its own characteristics and would fill a specific requirement depending on the needs of the establishment. For example, enamelled cast iron is tough and offers a non-stick surface. It is also safe to use because it does not leach iron or other metals into the foods. However, it is pricey.


A popular choice for cookware materials is aluminium cookware, as it is cheap, lightweight, durable and an excellent heat conductor. This makes for easier handling. Discoloration due to long use is the only downside of this hardy utensil.





Each type of F&B outlet will also require specialized ovens and microwaves. Choosing an oven is definitely much more than just how much it’s going to cost. It’s essential to keep in mind what you are going to use the cooker for and then select the type which best fits both your current and future requirements. 


For example, a combination oven is versatile for all sorts of functions such as baking, roasting and even steaming. A bakery would do better with specific types such as high-end bakery ovens, pizza ovens or deck ovens. 



kitchen equipment Malaysia

 Choosing an oven is definitely much more than just how much it’s going to cost.



Commercial freezers


A commercial freezer stores perishable supplies such as vegetables, fruits and dairy products, as well as frozen goods such as meats and ready-made pastries.


It’s important to purchase a commercial freezer with enough space to store as much as your kitchen could use, and fit in nicely within the kitchen space.


In addition, it needs to be able to cope with the extremes of temperatures and be efficient enough to not be a drain on your profit margins.


Cabinet freezers are large and upright with shelves, perfect for easy access to stored food. Chest freezers are more convenient for storing large quantities of a certain type of goods such as ice cream or frozen meats.


A walk-in freezer is great for saving space and time. It can store all manners of edible supplies for your F&B outlet with even more space for pre-prepared dishes to save time during peak hours of services.


kitchen equipment Malaysia

Fryers can either use gas or electricity.



Fryers are used to deep-fry foods. A deep-fried dish tastes good and thus it is always on the menu at any F&B outlet. There are many types of fryers and there’s always something for your business. There are pros and cons for every fryer you are looking to buy, so choose wisely.


Fryers can either use gas or electricity. Other features include number of tanks and baskets used in the oil pot, and capacity. It can even be manual or automatic.


Countertop fryers are small and perfect for limited space. Free-standing fryers are for high-output establishments such as fast food outlets and thus have filtration units to remove debris from the oil.




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