Unconventional Getaway at Min House Camp

An emphasis on the trappings of material wealth has led many people to lead super-busy lives. This is especially true for city denizens who are constantly on the move.

If you think you need to slow down, here’s a simple solution: Ecotourism. The concept of a wholesome holiday getaway in harmony with nature is fast gaining traction. It’s time to stop fretting over that next work project and schedule a short stay in a quiet surrounding.

One of the low-key places worth visiting is Min House Camp, situated exactly beside a small fork of the Pengkalan Datu River in the suburbs of Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

A modest establishment, it has more than 15 chalets, ranging from traditional huts for one or two-person occupancy to dorm-style shelter with beds for 16 pax.

Not enough, you say? Do you know that there is also a campsite? It can accommodate 400 people and is most definitely suitable for large groups.

Surrounded by attractions that made it famous, Min House Camp is a simple and unassuming place to be.

One of the more popular destinations in the vicinity is the ‘Madu Kelulut Min House Camp’ (stingless honeybee farm), which has notched quite a number of ‘likes’ and rave reviews on its Facebook.

Besides watching the harvesting of honey and learning more about the bees and the honey production, guests can also buy its products.

Schedule some clam digging and fishing for added measure. In the evening, take a firefly tour to see the beautiful lights of the fireflies.

If the weather gets a little too hot, no problem. Jump into the river for a cool-down. And speaking of the river, kayaking is also a must-try.

Foreign visitors can try their hands at local games and handicraft-making to enhance their experience at the resort. Activities include congkak (a game of marbles in hollows played by two people), traditional archery, and making ‘helicopters’ out of rubber tree seeds. If one is lucky, there will be a presentation of local cultural shows such as dikir barat (an activity of song and movement in unison), wayang kulit (shadow puppets) and kertok (traditional Kelantanese musical ensemble performance).

If you’re feeling peckish after all the hustle and bustle, head to the resort’s restaurant. Indulge in local delicacies such as grilled clam, roti jala (latticed pancake) with chicken curry, boiled fish in glutinous rice and served with ulam (fresh local herbs and vegetables), fruits and drinks. Some of the beverages such as ginger juice and pegaga (Asiatic Pennywort) juice with fresh honey are not to be missed.

Bursting with rural charm, Min House Camp offers an atypical experience from your conventional holiday plans. See you there soon!



Lot 1287, Kampung Pulau, Kubang Kerian
16150 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Tel: +609-765 2440 (Office); +6013-922 5440 (Kak Yah)/6017-316 9535 (Huda)


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