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Our F&B feature merchant, Wai Food Industry, has been in the soyfood business for more than three decades. Here’s the company’s story.



Celebrating the joy of soy is the heart and soul of Wai Food Industry. After all, this local company has been making soy products since 1985.


Wai Food showcases 17 types of product offerings, and each type goes through a thoroughly vetted and hygienic process.


Among the highlights are smooth tofu, tofu puff (taufu pok), hard tofu and Japanese tofu sold in various packaging and weight to suit a wide range of market needs.


The company employs a staff of 45 at its factory in Kampung Baru Ampang, Selangor. We spoke to Md Azran Samsudin who has been working at Wai Food Industry for 13 years. Now a supervisor at the plant, the 32-year-old ensures that everything is working according to schedule.




Wai Food Industry

Wai Food Industry has been in the soyfood business for more than three decades. 



“My scope of duty is handling the workers, checking the stock, and making sure that the (stock) amounts recorded are accurate,” said Azran, who clocks in from 8 am till 8 pm for at least five days a week.


What is the production process? First step: soak the soybeans overnight. The beans are then blended and strained, resulting in the company’s first product, soy milk. This year, Wai Food has also started producing bottled soy milk.


To make tofu, a coagulant is added to soy milk. The amount as well as the subsequent treatment will differ depending on the types of tofu. For example, smooth tofu will only require moulding and pressing while tofu puff will have the additional step of frying.


Quality and hygiene are the company’s main selling point.


“We manufacture foodstuff. As such, we employ rigorous standards of cleanliness,” shared Azran. “We also have halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The enforcement unit comes for a yearly inspection to ensure that our compliance is in order to renew the certification,” he added.


The manufacturing facility can produce up to 100 kilogrammes of tofu per day.



Wai Food Industry

Tofu is made when a coagulant is added to soy milk. 


Wai Food products are mainly distributed to bulk buyers such as wholesale markets and hypermarkets, while smaller business owners and retailers usually come to the factory for purchases.


For best quality products, Wai Food Industry only uses soybeans imported from Canada.


“Canadian soybeans are the best (in terms of quality). But sometimes, we use local soybeans when the stock arrives late due to slow movement of goods at (maritime) ports during peak seasons,” explained Azran.


Sales and demand of the finished products also vary. “We increase our production during Chinese New Year and Ramadan as there is greater demand for our products during these festive occasions.”



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