Weird and Wonderful Food Combinations to Try in Malaysia


Here are some strange culinary hybrids you can try if you're feeling adventurous enough!


While it’s true that we eat and drink for sustenance, nowadays the food and beverage that we consume also gives us an avenue to share new combinations and styles with digital citizens everywhere.


Some of the crazy food trends rocking the Internet and social media right now include Unicorn Toast, Freak Shakes, and Rolled Ice Cream.


The trend in Malaysia is slightly different. Due to our melting pot of cultures, the cuisine has gone through an evolution of mixing and matching, resulting in a new hybrid. The best example is Peranakan cuisine, a blend of Malay and Chinese cooking styles and ingredients.



weird food malaysia

Coffee Me Darling's Tau Fu Fa Coffee might be your thing.



And the craze of combining different tastes and textures continues. As more people work, they prefer to go to various eateries to enjoy different types of food. Millennials, too, are on the quest to find unique offerings to capture and upload to their Instagram or Pinterest accounts.


Check out the list below to discover the weird and the wonderful in the local food scene!


Tau Fu Fa Coffee at Coffee Me Darling

This quiet and simple café is an oasis for the workers and residents of the area due to its cosy environment and simple but tasty menu. Besides the usual coffees, cakes and pastas, its Tau Fu Fa Coffee is a must-try for the adventurous.

Tau Fu Fa (also Taw Foo Fa or Tau Fu Fah) is a dessert of soft soybean curd drizzled with brown or white sugar syrup. So if you order Tau Fu Fa Coffee, you’ll get a nutty and delicious coffee with bits of soybean curd in it. Worth a try? You decide!

Location: 153, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (closed Mondays). Tel: 03-7865 6925.



Chempedak Blondies and Durian Brownies at Brownies Bar by The Accidental Bakers


This specialist brownies store chain is getting rave reviews for its delicious brownies in various flavours. Most people are familiar with the decadent cake-like chocolate-flavoured squares. Less common in Malaysia are blondies, which differ from the brownie by using vanilla instead of chocolate, hence the name.

At the Brownies Bar, you can find Durian Brownies, a rich chocolate square swirled with durian purée. There are also the Chempedak (Jackfruit) Blondies with cempedak paste mixed in.

Visit the official website for addresses of outlets and their business hours.


Tom Yum Ice Cream at Mr Tuk Tuk


The fiery and sour Thai soup, the tom yum, is not only available as a dish on its own. At this establishment, you can find the Tom Yum Ice Cream too besides other authentic Thai street food. Can you imagine the creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream coupled with the hot and spicy taste of the tom yum? The only way to find out is to go and eat it yourself.

Visit Mr Tuk Tuk Facebook Page for location and contact details.



weird food malaysiaThe Nasi Lemak Gelato might just be something that is right up your alley.

Nasi Lemak Gelato at Cielo Dolci


It is christened Malaysia’s national dish and can be eaten anytime anywhere. It is such a well-loved dish that it has inspired various creations including in gelato form. Yes, the Nasi Lemak Gelato has bits of chilli flakes, fried anchovies and even bits of rice. Word has it that it tastes exactly like ice-cold Nasi Lemak!

Visit Cielo Dolci Facebook Page for more information.




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