Why Go To The Amazon When You Have Belum?

Belum Forest


“My heart is beating like a jungle drum … Tum tum tum tum tum tum “.The lyrics to Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini perfectly capture the palpable sense of excitement among the participants of Belum Adventure Camp (BAC). As soon as they step beneath its lush green canopy, Belum Rainforest wields its magic. A virtually untouched paradise bursting with biological diversity, this truly is an ecological wonderland.



The vast forest reserve spans approximately 300,000 hectares, surrounding Lake Temengor in the northern state of Perak and encompassing Banding Island where the camp is located. The rainforest complex is 130 million years old, making it even older than the Amazon. The sheer variety of species contained within this ancient tropical haven is simply astounding. The avifauna alone numbers in the hundreds. Globally threatened mammals find refuge in the luxuriant vegetation. The magnificent leopard and the endearing sun bear are some of Belum’s star inhabitants. Belum Rainforest is also home to a dazzling array of flowering plants.




Forget the lure of the concrete jungle. Give the luxury city hotels and spas a pass. Belum is the ideal ecotourism destination for world-weary urbanites searching for the ultimate outdoor experience. This ecoregion is simply teeming with life. Each step you take will reveal the fascinating diversity and sheer abundance of its flora and fauna. Gems of nature can be found everywhere — elephant footprints, blazingly bright fungus, colourful worms and unique leaves! Belum beckons all nature lovers and intrepid travellers to discover its many marvels. Come embrace the bounties of Belum. A whole world of breathtaking riches is just waiting to be explored.



What’s a jungle jaunt without some extreme action? The BAC has lined up many exciting, fast-paced programmes specially designed to bring you up close and personal with every facet of the rainforest. “ Our main emphasis is on bonding with nature through adventure,” says Mr Chandra Arumugam, CEO of Rainwalker EcoSystems, the organizer of the camp. Among the adrenaline-fuelled outdoor pursuits offered by the BAC are the high rope challenge and flying fox. Campers also get to face their fear of water through the water confidence activity and bamboo rafting.




Belum is a jungle school, classroom and teacher all rolled into one! Environmental education is creatively and effectively taught using the web of life game and biodiversity quizzes. Budding environmentalists get to learn valuable lessons on the importance of conservation and the sustainable development of precious natural resources.



Afraid of what’s lurking in the dense, verdant foliage? If you had the preconceived notion that the jungle is a nasty place full of bugs and creepy-crawlies, think again! The camp will assuage your fears, set your mind at rest and awaken your sense of wonder. The beauty of Belum lies in its ability to surprise you. With its host of unexpected treasures, jostling for attention on every corner, the rainforest certainly puts on a great show. All this amazing ecosystem asks of you is to be awed and inspired, to do all you can to conserve its natural heritage for future generations. So what are you waiting for? Let the awesome eco-adventure begin! For more information on the BAC, visit its official website at www.bacxcamp.com.

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