Young & trendy, that’s ZALORA


As a premier fashion e-commerce website, ZALORA has made its mark among the young and trendy.

This is in part to the work of the people who tirelessly promote and build the brand to make it a household name.

Anna Nishaburi, heading the partnerships and PR division of ZALORA, is passionate about the company’s brand.

Anna Nishaburi enjoys her work at ZALORA.

It is evident that she enjoys the culture and values associated with ZALORA, as it is a dynamic fashion e-commerce company.

“We have fun and we work hard; we’re fast and it’s good because we’re full of energy,” says Anna.

Anna has seen how ZALORA has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years, aided by the ability of the buying department to anticipate what’s hot and trending in the fashion industry.

ZALORA takes great pride in the exclusivity and price-competitiveness of its offerings.

One of the steps taken to do so is by introducing rare brands not available elsewhere in Malaysia, such as British brand River Island.

The company’s multipronged approach — a reward programme for multiple purchases, a lively online presence backed by social media platforms, and a structured marketing strategy — helps to enhance ZALORA as a brand.

Labels under ZALORA are curated to ensure maximum returns and take-up rates. Having special collections for events such as Hari Raya last year (2016) allow elite designers such as Rizalman, Jovian Mandagie and Hatta Dolmat to market their creations and further encourage fashionistas to gravitate towards the ZALORA website.

ZALORA offers fashion garments and accessories for men and women.

“We can have millions of brands but we don’t want to have things that don’t get people’s interests. If it doesn’t get your interest, it has to go,” remarks Anna.

As the person who is also responsible for ZALORA partnerships, Anna is tasked with encouraging various companies to support the brand through mutually beneficial arrangements.

While agreements can be as simple as the endowment of vouchers for corporate reward programmes, some patronages require meetings and negotiations before a consensus is reached.

Anna also oversees PR matters on behalf of ZALORA. Collaborations with celebrities enable ZALORA to gain prominence from associating with the stars.

To keep fashion followers and patrons interested, ZALORA organizes fashion shows and events to showcase new and upcoming fashion lines.

Organising fashion campaigns takes a lot of effort and coordination.

Outcomes of PR campaigns are measured by evaluating the numbers of media mentions.

“I put a monetary value on it (media mention) by looking at how much I would have had to pay if this was an advertisement. It does take a good PR person to make sure your voice is heard the way you want it to be heard,” adds Anna.

Even though PR work can be outsourced, Anna opines that having an in-house PR department can greatly assist a company’s cause.

“Letting someone (outsource) know the inside out of your company can help a lot and can represent you much better than someone else. It’s really a choice you have to make, looking at what point of business you’re in,” she says.

Coordinating the actions of various departments is one of the biggest challenges that PR personnel like Anna need to undertake.

Partnerships can enhance a company's brand and visibility.

And nowhere is this more prominent than the organization of a fashion show, where even the smallest miscommunication can lead to epic disaster.

A detailed to-do list is extremely helpful to enable all involved parties to understand their tasks.

On days when there are no meetings and tight schedules, Anna confesses to wearing very casual outfits and “barely brushing my hair”.

“There was a time in 2014 when I actually wore pyjamas to work because I just was working every day and I think I stopped realizing day and night. Everyone was a bit concerned, but I made it. It was just another day,” reminisces Anna.



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