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Cahayapack (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 2nd November 1998 and is a Bumiputra wholly owned company. Cahayapack has over 10 years of experience in the provision of professional packing and moving services for both corporate and individual customers. Cahayapack, a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) has an extensive network of international associates and reputable agents. Together, we are committed to provide the best solution to our customers anywhere around the world. Our team of experienced personnel will ensure that your goods are delivered safely, efficiently and on time.

Products & Services

Cahayapack’s range of logistics solutions include: • Door to Door household/ personal goods relocation • Office and industrial relocation • Worldwide delivery of personal effects and commercial cargoes • Storage and distribution services • Freight Forwarding services (air, sea and land) • Customs documentation • “RORO” shipment for vehicles • International relocations • Shipping agency ______________________________________________________________ Delivery Through Sea, Air and Land Sea Transportation We have access to all major ports worldwide through our extensive network of associates and agents. Air Transportation Our long term and close working relationship with air cargo liners has enabled us to efficiently deliver air cargoes to airport destinations on time. Land Transportation We provide delivery and collection services from anywhere in Malaysia with our fleet of road transport vehicles. ______________________________________________________________ Door to Door Delivery of Households and Personal Goods With more than 10 years experience, Cahayapack is now a household name in the packing and moving services for household goods and personal effects. Upon receipt of an inquiry, we will follow up with a survey of the location and conduct discussions with our clients. Our team of specialised and experienced movers will relieve you from burden of dealing with household items the moment they arrive at your premises. We take pride in ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your personal goods. We apply “Safe and Due Care”, coupled with high quality packaging materials. Our employees are trained in the latest methods and techniques in packing and moving of personal effects. Our services include: • Full packing and removal services • Storage-in-Transit or permanent storage facilities • Special transport for specific items • Loading, transportation and unloading services • Unpacking and debris removal • Disassembly and reassembly • Access to trained staff during the engagement period ______________________________________________________________ Industrial and Office Removal Cahayapack offers a comprehensive solution for Business Removals (removal of industrial and office equipments). The involvement of trained and experienced movers is critical for the safe and efficient removal of office and industrial equipment. This will minimise delays and potential disruption to your business operations. For Business Removals, we will work closely with our clients in the planning and execution of the removal exercise. Good and clear communication with our clients and property owner is critical for the smooth execution of removal works and minimise the impact to neighbouring parties. Our trained and specialised personnel will assist in the safe, smooth and timely removal of your industrial or office equipments. ______________________________________________________________ Storage and Distribution Cahayapack offers a variety of storage and distribution solutions, including • Secured storage facilities • Short or long term storage to meet your requirements • Detailed planning, collections, receipt and distribution of wide range commercial goods. • 48 hours delivery service ______________________________________________________________ LAND TRANSPORTATION Land transportation via road We can provide you anything that you require for you trade. Be it container or conventional trucking for long hauls as well as shorter journeys, Cahayapack has the experience and expertise to deliver safely on time. We are well equipped for regular, schedule transportation working to minimise cost and adding savings to your business. ______________________________________________________________ Shipping Agency Cahayapack, we always ensure the quality of services we provide satisfactory and we are to understand each time is very valuable ,specially our customer in the field of Oil & Gas Services Facilities • Handling and Clearance vessel/Barge/Tug boat/ ( Inward & Outward ) • Crew/Technician Endorsement /LG/special & landing Pass/work permit/seaman Card/ship detracting • Handling transport , accommodation, medical and ticketing services for crew • Cargo material & Equipment Handling • Local Authority clearance
luo jurney
2 years ago
中国到马来西亚运输公司,可以运输大型货物,超长超重货物,空运、海运包税到门,微信:jurney228(Our company is a transportation company from China to Malaysia. It can transport large cargo, over-length and over-weight cargo, air and sea double tax package to door, WeChat: jurney228)
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