Casket Paradise & Funeral Care Sdn Bhd (311899-W)
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About Us

Company Profile • We are one of Malaysia’s leading funeral service provider. • Funeral Directors Since 1965. • British Trained Qualified MBIE Embalming Service, and the Only One certified In Malaysia. • European Association of Embalmers, and The Only One In Malaysia. (membership number 0043) Professional Embalming A professional staff, British trained qualified MBIE embalming service, and the only one certified in Malaysia. It is important that the theoretical and practical knowledge of the operator is of the highest standard. The B.I.E. has an international reputation in this field, with trained and qualified members who are competent to serve the community. Yearly examinations are controlled by an independent Board of Examiners and seminars are organised regularly to ensure the continuation of education after initial qualification. What is Professional Embalming? Embalming is a scientific treatment of the body of a deceased person (Cosmetic & Restoration) ensuring freedom from possible infection to the living, and at the same time giving a sense of consolation to the bereaved by restoring a life-like appearance to the deceased. What Consolation Does Embalming Bring? Through the application of embalming , which allows the deceased to be presented in the best possible condition, with a natural colour and the absence of odour or other unpleasant changes which would otherwise follow soon after death. Modern embalming ensures that relatives and friends who view a person have a memory of one who is peacefully asleep. This is a consolation indeed. Embalming is necessary if the body is to be kept more than 24 hours, as well as for long distance transportation. Most airlines insist upon a certificate attesting to the hygienic condition for journeys by air. Contact us at :