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Welcome to Data-Tech Sdn Bhd When it comes to dependable data entry and data processing services there is one name you can rely on and that is Data-Tech Sdn Bhd. We are a leading Data Entry, Data Capture, Data Conversion and Data Processing Company located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We offer a complete range of data related services that not only help you save time and money but can also increase the efficiency of your business. Data-Tech Sdn Bhd has been assisting small to large companies since its inception. We have a global clientele that has been doing repeated business with us strengthening our professional team and the company as a whole.

Product & Services

Our Services We are one of the largest data capture outsourcing bureau in Malaysia with over 300 staff, processing for companies throughout Malaysia and Internationally. Data-Tech Sdn Bhd will tailor the outsourcing services according to your business needs be it onsite or offsite. Benefits - Reduced Cost Cost of maintaining and managing a data capture/data entry unit/department is reduced tremendously under the offsite outsourcing model. The cost savings are in the following areas; Staff Costs Salary, EPF, SOCSO, overtime, bonus, medical, shift allowance, staff recruitment, staff training, staff career path planning, staff turnover & etc Infrastructure Costs Workstations, servers, tape drives, printers, scanners, media & etc. Under the onsite outsourcing model, there are savings too as Data-Tech's staffs are placed on a temporary project basis. Low Risk Data-Tech's track record of maintaining a consistent standard of 99.99%. Data-Tech provides the client a cost effective business continuity service - data capture - data verification and processing. In the event of a disaster, the client can, with prior arrangement, make use of Data-Tech's infrastructure facilities. Reliability The quality standards maintained by Data-Tech for example the "four-eyes" check, program check for coding and program check for data and visual verification, are testimony to the quality and reliability of the data capture ad data processing. Accuracy Business is consistently growing for Data-Tech and this growth is reflective of the standard and quality of service provided by Data-Tech to the clients.
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