EGS (M) Sdn Bhd (125071-K)
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About Us

EGS (M) Sdn. Bhd. an Engineering Geophysical Survey Company incorporated in Oct 1988 and commenced business in June 1989. EGS (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a part of the EGS group of Companies with offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia; provides specialist services and all form of data collection in the field of Land Engineering and Topographical Survey, Marine and Land Engineering Geophysics, Hydrography, Oceanography and Marine Environmental Measurements. EGS GROUP OF COMPANIES Founded in 1974, EGS now has an international network of offices with strategic alliance with partner companies in various countries. EGS is able to carry out surveys and studies virtually anywhere on the globe. EGS is an independent Company which has offices with substantial resources in both personnel and equipment in its regional operational centres in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. In parallel with our expansion and clients convenience, EGS has offices in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea as well as Joint Venture operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and through out the Middle East. The Group provides a wide range of expert technical, consulting and contracting services to the Civil Engineering, Dredging, Oil and Mining Industries in all parts of the world, as well as to International Institutions and Government Bodies. Since its inception in 1974, EGS has gained a worldwide reputation for high standards and a professional innovative approach to the services offered. EGS is staffed worldwide by graduate and post graduate geophysicists, geologists, hydrographers, topographical surveyors, oceanographers and marine environmental scientists assisted by an international team of local staff. The Company maintains fully equipped electronic workshops set up to keep all the Group's equipment in running condition and also to carry out the research and development of new equipment and techniques.

Product & Services

SERVICES OFFERED BY EGS EGS offers a diverse array of specialist and consultancy services based on a innovative approach to problem solving. The EGS Group, in association with its alliance partners, offer a global turnkey solution to a diverse array of clients. EGS has gained considerable worldwide experience in the design, initiation, execution and environmental studies in both the marine and terrestrial environment. Our services are broadly divided into the following categories. • Inshore Bathymetry (Hydrographic) Survey, Side Scan Sonar, High-Resolution Seismic, Reflection Profiling, Seismic Acquisition and Processing System, Mini CPT, Sampling and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) • Offshore Fibre Optic, power Cable and Pipeline Surveys - Multibeam Swath Sounding Survey, Bathymetry (Hydrographic) Survey,Side Scan Sonar, High-Resolution Seismic, Reflection Profiling, Seismic Acquisition and Processing System, Mini CPT, Sampling and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) • Oceanographic Current Metering, Temperature/Salinity Profiling, Wave Measurements, Lagragian Motion Studies (12hrs/25hrs of Float Tarcking and/or Dye Tracing), Meteorological Data Collection and analysis, Nephelometry and silt content measurement, seabed and water sampling and analysis • Terrestrial Land Topographic Survey ___________________________ - GPS and Optical Surveying - Topographical Survey of site prior to any engineering design by Civil Engineers and Architects - Alignment and Setting Up Survey of proposed buildings, bridges, roads and highways, water and gas pipeline, overhead transmission lines, etc. - D.T.M. survey for determining the volume of quantities of cut land fill. Land Geophysical Surveys ____________________________ - Seismic Refraction and Reflection, - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), - Magnetic Survey - Resistivity Imaging or Computerised Resistivity Traversing - Gravity Survey - Crosshole and Downhole Geophysics - Acoustic Tomography