Formpak Industries Sdn Bhd (259335-W)
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Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

About Us

Our company has been established since 1993 and is an ISO certified packaging company located at Bukit Minyak Industrial Area. We provide high quality of packaging products locally, nationally and internationally. We also specialized in custom-made design for unique packaging application to cater our valuable customers requires and needs.

Products & Services

Our Products Range: • Component Packaging Trays • Blister Packaging • Clamshell Packaging • Folding Trays • Folding Box • Cylinder Containers • Food Packaging Trays • Agricultural Trays • Pharmaceutical Packaging Trays • Other Packaging Trays
luo jurney
10 months ago
中国到马来西亚运输公司,可以运输大型货物,超长超重货物,空运、海运包税到门,微信:jurney228(Our company is a transportation company from China to Malaysia. It can transport large cargo, over-length and over-weight cargo, air and sea double tax package to door, WeChat: jurney228)
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