GFO Supplies Sdn Bhd (602489-P)
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About Us

GFO Supplies Sdn. Bhd. Company was established in 2004 and supplies all the computer consumable in 2005. As a leader in our industry, we have developed a variety of consumable products as like Compatible Dot-matrix Ribbon and Inkjet Cartridges with our own unique designs, always providing timely solutions to the needs of the markets. We are one of a few leading companies in Malaysia specialized in distribution of office products such as dot matrix ribbons, toner cartridge, labels stickers, thermal rolls computer forms and other office supplies. We also specialized in creating adhesive labels for every applications which includes barcode labels, address labels, food labels, retail labels, pharmaceutical labels, shipping labels, clothing labels, computer forms labels, security labels and a host of other customize labels. These labels can be printed on a wide range of sizes and materials such as art paper, mirror coat, synthetic, polyester, thermal, removable art paper and many more.

Product & Services

SPECIALIZED IN SUPPLY OF LABELS & STICKERS • Label Sticker • Inkjet Cartridges • Printer Ribbon • Bar Code & POS Printer • Bar Code Ribbon • POS Ribbon • Fax Ink Film • Remanufactured Toner • Inkjet Paper • Computer Media • Digital Stencil • Office Paper • Paper/Printer Roll • Pre-Printed Labels • Computer form Labels • Barcode Labels • General Labels • Thermal Labels

Vision & Mission

Specialized in supply of : Barcode Labels, Pre-printed Labels, Computer Form Labels, Thermal Labels & General Labels.
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