JCJ (Johore) Sdn Bhd (244623-T)
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Johor Bahru, Johor

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Packaging Material

Bubble pak, pe foam, dessicant, silica gel, container dryer, oxygen absorber,
polystyrence loose fill, corrugated plastic sheet and box, shrink film (PVC, P.O.F),
pallet stretch film, PP/PVC strap, bubble padded envelope, wooden cable drum

ESD Product:

Antistatic/conductive/static shielding bag, bubble pak, pe foam bag/sheet

Cushioning Item:

PU foam, Eva foam (gasket, insulation), Neoprene foam,
Rubber sponge

Tape Item:

Self adhesive tape, protection tape, double sided foam
tape, kopton tape, teflon tape

Environment Friendly Products:

corru pallet, edge board protector, paper core,
corrugated paper roll

Master distribution of sealed air corporation

Mic-pacTM, loose fill, Rapid Filled®, instapak®, fill airTM
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