Jetson Label Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (971333-V)
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Ipoh, Perak

About Us

Jetson Label Manufacturing Sdn Bhd commenced business on 1981 and is principally engaged in all aspect of printing which includes stickers, label, ribbons, hot stamping and hang tag.

In recognition of the business potential in the domestic market, Jetson Label initials its expansion in 1998 with moving to the new factory . Since then, Jetson Label Manufacturing Sdn Bhd domestic scope has extended further to Kelantan, Taiping, Rawang and Kuala Lumpur.

Jetson Label is in the business of the long haul and serves a diverse clienteleranging from the store on the street to the small and medium size companies and multinational conglomerates. Over the years, these deeply moved attributes of our company, have resulted it recording milestones of success.

We have established a solid reputation and a growing base. Despite a vastly different and more difficult operating environment, we have not compromised on our goal to deliver a quality products and services. Meanwhile, the companies maintain its vision of continually increasing competitiveness and productivity through rigorous cost control and prudent expansion.

Jetson will tap company synergy to enhance corporate competitiveness and provide the best for the customer

Product & Services

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