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LST is the distributor and applicator for wide range of construction chemical products and systems, these include concrete admixtures and additives; concrete essentials; waterproofing systems; leak repair systems; flooring systems; concrete repair and protection systems; structural strengthening systems; and, roof coating systems.

Products & Services

• PERFECT METAL SHIELD is a high penetrating waterborne rust preventive and bonding agent for reinforcement bars and steel in construction industry. Non flammable and can be torch-cut without any toxic fumes. • PERFECT BOND-SHIELD is a high solid content (51%), waterborne acrylic bonding agent and curing compound that protects freshly laid concrete and screed. It enhances subsequent bonding of new cast without removal and reduce dusting at work-site. It also function as an admixture. • PERFECT FLEXIBLE EP is a UV stable, water displacing structural epoxy for bonding fresh concrete to old. It exhibit high strength, toughness, long pot life and low exotherm. It bond and waterproof new finishing to old without hacking in toilets and wet areas. • PERFECT BOND-SHIELD EPLV a structural epoxy adhesive with 100% solid content, for bonding of fresh concrete, tiles, granite, parquet, marbles and fibre glass. Two components, low viscosity structural, casting, coating and laminating epoxy. • CEM-COAT 2.5 a waterborne high solid volume and strength polymer modified cement based dressing and protective water-proof coating with “Ordinary” or white cement. It is a highly cost effective, vapour permeable system applicable on substrate with negative water pressure. It’s >4 hours pot life allows touch-up with the same mix! • PERFECT FLEXIBLE WALL / FLOOR SHIELD is a waterborne Acrylic thermo-elastic waterproofing membrane suitable for both hidden and exposed applications with up to 10 mm cracks bridging ability. • PERFECT SA is a waterborne Styrene-Acrylic waterproofing membrane suitable for low dynamic movement with direct chemical bonding to both old and new cementitious substrates and up to 10 mm cracks bridging ability. It is suitable for concealed applications only. • PERFECT MASON-LAC is a waterborne pure acrylic waterproofing masonry lacquer with biocide for porous-substrate, i.e. concrete slate, timber and paper. Gloss coat for Flex-shield. Glaze tile’s pointing and transparent waterproofing for brickwork. • PAVE-FLEX 6/6 is a separation membrane for roadwork, made of engineering plastic, to prevent sympathetic cracking of Asphaltic concrete. Can withstand 260° C with 400% elongation and 60 N/mm2 tensile strength. (properties tested by PSB) • PERFECT SUPER SEALER 389 a UV stable reactive aliphatic resin based Waterproof and dust-proof sealer on all substrates other than plastics. A unique one-pack, clear, penetrating product, based on a blend of high quality resins for protecting exposed concrete and masonry; e.g. concrete floors in factories, car parks, storerooms, food processing factories, industrial buildings, subways, underpasses, bridges and masonry walls. • PERFECT CRYSTALLIZE RESIN is a waterborne film forming and crystallising sealer for repairing leaking toilet and kitchen soffits. It dust proof and surface strengthen weak substrates and confer abrasion resistance. Injected, it stops ground water intrusion (field tested). • PERFECT SEALER LS 1 a non-film forming hydrophobic and impregnating crystallisation treatment for porous or absorbent substrates. • FLEX-CEM 1.48 a 2 part’s liquid applied, cement filled waterborne flexible acrylic waterproofing membrane. It has high solid volume >60%, high elongation >250% and high strength >2.8N/mm2. 3 mm thick membrane can be achieved in two to three applications. • FLEX-LAC PUW is a waterborne polyurethane clear lacquer that can withstand 160 ° C and UV. Waterproof woods, tiles and natural stones without hiding their natural beauty. It shatterproof glass to reduce accidental cuts. It high tensile strength of 35 N/mm2 and elongation at break of >300% with 90° Shore A and >90% recovery after 100% elongation provides superior performance compare to all other clear coatings. (in-house test data available) • FLEX-LAC PU is a waterborne Acrylic Polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing membrane suitable for both hidden and exposed applications with 20 mm cracks bridging. (tested by PSB, to meet and exceed HDB performance specification for solvent borne PU)
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