Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd (243883-V)
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Miri, Sarawak

About Us

We are pleased to introduce you to Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd. (LLA). Incorporated in 1994, our Company provides a comprehensive range of aviation services to its numerous customers throughout Malaysia. LLA presently operates a fleet of 14 fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and we take great pride in providing our aviation services to our valued Clients in a safe, efficient and affordable manner.

Visions & Missions

Vision Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd is dedicated to enhancing its reputation as a key provider of aircraft, maintenance and engineering support services to the Aviation Industry of Malaysia. In achieving this Vision, the Company shall retain its present position as East Malaysia’s leading private sector fixed wing and helicopter operator, and shall be recognised for its integrity, dynamism, and contribution to the prosperity and productivity of its customers, employees, and shareholders. Mission Statement • To Provide quality aircraft, maintenance and engineering services to the Aviation Industry of Malaysia, achieved via a motivated & competent staff delivering service excellence. • To Promote a personalised service by valuing and focusing on our clients’ needs. • To Mobilise a dynamic and pro-active Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, as well as a comprehensive Safety Management System in order to maintain the highest safety standards in the interest of preserving lives and equipment. • Through its long-term commitment to its mission, LLA will be known as a company that is always able to provide the aircraft and engineering solution wherever, whenever and • to whomever within the Private and Public Sectors in Malaysia. • To Serve our customers, vendors, and employees by offering a first-class resource that can meet all the requirements of the utility helicopter industry, faster and more • comprehensively than our competitors. • To place highest emphasis upon our social responsibilities and provision of humanitarian services to the wider Community and to the disadvantaged members of Society

Core Values & Practices

Core Values are the standards by which LLA measures its performance and guides the interactions of our employees with each other, and with those outside the Company. These Core Values help define our attitudes and approach to the events of everyday life in our business and may be defined as the following : • Integrity • Constant Improvement • Discipline • Sound Decision-Making • Acknowledgment & Appreciation • Inclusion • Listening Generously • Speaking Directly and with Purpose • Always being Available for Each Other • Honouring Agreements & Commitments
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