CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd(879985-H)

Lot 1312, Petak 2,
Jalan Bukit Kukus, Mukim Lunas,
Kulim, Kedah 09600
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About Us
On 25th November 2009 CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd which is incorporated in Malaysia under by the Companies Act 1965. Our company is a trading company to carry on the business as merchants, traders of and dealers in oil palm fruit, palm oil, palm kernel and others oil palm related products in Malaysia are certified by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). Our company also is carrying on the business such as dealers in scrap rubber. Besides, CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd as a distributor of fertilizer and plantation equipment particularly in palm tree and scrap rubber. In addition, also provide transportation services for the small planter. Besides, also as an agent to provide the lease services carry out FFB, Palm shell, Palm Fiber and other between landlord of palm tree plantation and tenant farmer.

Objective Company :
• To ensures customer’s and supplies focus and make their workflow better and easy.
• To maximum quality services and minimal handicap for our customer and supplier.
• To achieve understand and exceed customer need and exception.

Contacts Us :
CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Kulim) – Headquarter Office
Address : Lot 1312, Petak 2, Jalan Bukit Kukus,
Mukim Lunas, 09600 Kulim, Kedah.
Tel : 604-491 9600 / 6019-516 6938
Fax : 604-491 9600
Email :

Visions & Missions
Mission and Core Values
• To provide the highest quality oil palm fruit those meets or exceed MPOB requirement.
• To establish a good partner-like relationship with our supplier and customer.
• To be the best supplier of product and services to our customers and supplier.

• CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd’s vision is to become the one of the region’s top recognized palm oil manufactures and among the world’s leading natural oil palm fruit supplier and palm oil suppliers.
• To contribute to the sustainable development of society.
• To provide highly efficient and quality manpower to customer and supplier.

CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd
CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd
CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd
CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd
CK Teik Enterprise Sdn Bhd