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About Us
Dynasty Recycling Disposal Services Sdn. Bhd. is part of the leading companies in Disposal Services for factories, banks, houses, condominiums, hotels and apartment blocks.

We have been servicing in this field for the past three years and are proud to say that we have been successful in this business because we believe in supporting the disposal network whilst offering competitive rates for mutual benefits of both company and customers. We provide 16m/ton and 2 ½ m/ton trucks. We also have a 20cu and 8cu yard for dumping waste.

There is an assortment of methods of waste disposal including integrated waste management, Plasma gasification, Landfill, Supercritical water decomposition and Incineration.

The recycling process is widely used for waste management. In this process the products that are in good state are reused or recycled by different techniques resulting in less waste production. The traditional method to deal with waste was landfills. In landfills waste was buried into lands but due to limited space and pollution this technique failed. Hence, this option has become increasingly problematic due to issues like limited space, pollution and concerns that usable materials may be buried in landfills. 

Waste disposal has now become waste management. Waste disposal IS nowadays called waste management, and many are looking for the day when the word ‘waste' can simply be replaced by the word ‘resource'. This is because in the perfect society, one man's waste should simply become another man's raw material. In other words, in a perfectly sustainable society there would be ‘zero-waste'. (Reduce, Reuse Recycle and Recover).
Our Recycling Disposal company located near and around Taman Bukit Kempas, Pasir Gudang, Senai, Ayer Hitam and Johor Bahru.

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